Khasi Tribe The Unique Tribe in India

Khasi Tribe Brief Introduction:

Khasi Tribe is more important tribes among the Indian tribes. The people lives in the Khasi and Jaintia Hill districts of Assam. The people are very famous all over the world and the best example extant today of a society. The tribe traces their descent from mythical female ancestress.

The family of Khasi Tribe:

The family of the Khasi tribe has strong family bondages and family contains a mother, her children, here husband and her daughters and husband. The household system is very different with the customs of other tribes. At the marriage there the husband and his wife are a part of the family. When a husband shows evidence of his ability to support himself, his wife and children then he set up an independent household of his own. The independent families maintain the good relations with other families. This tradition also infected the Khasi tribe people convert to Christianity. There is also another custom that, If all the female has died out, the couple adopted a girl as their daughter.

Woman Presence in Khasi Tribe:

The Families are administrated by the head of the woman. The males and females earnings of a family gave to the head woman of the family and the head woman look after all individual right to ownership and the property is inherited by women to women. The life of the Khasi family is led by following the religious rituals and ceremonial. In a family brother and sons married a woman and then his role in birth family closes. After the marriage he migrates with his wives homes and since the men in the home are alive.

Khasi Women and Family Rituals:

The family and traditional rituals performed by women only in Khasi tribe. Especially the youngest daughter has all the powers to perform all the rituals of cultural and traditional. Men have no role to play in the rituals and ceremonies. The women have also a major share of parental property. In Hindu, religion men play the key role in family affairs and household rituals but it happens quite different in Khasi tribe. The economic maintains also administrated by women. The work also divided among men and women. Men carried out the agriculture and do the hard work and women weave at home. Especially men in Khasi tribe respect profoundly to the women, as well as women also addresses her husband as her Lord.