Tamil Nadu Food – Famous For Sambar

Tamil Nadu Food

Tamil Nadu Food is very famous for Idly and Sambar. Here the People discussed mostly the movies and politics. Beside of these things, the third discussing part is about food. Now food and politics also mixed with the matters and the state also introduced subsidised meals throughout Tamilnadu for only 1 Rupee.

tamil nadu food

Although the Tamilnadu famous dishes are idli, dosa, rasam, and sambhar, these are very common traditional Tamil Nadu food recipes. However, Some other traditional dishes are Chettinadu dishes, Nanjil Nadu dishes, and Kongu Nadu dishes.

Chettinadu food recipes:

Chettinadu cuisine is very famous Tamil Nadu food throughout Tamilnadu and important dish to the Tamil people. Mostly these dishes made in Karaikudi and its surrounding villages. The cuisines made with various spices and use fresh vegetables. To all the cuisines Rice, a commonly based food. The other Tamil Nadu Recipes paid paniyaaram and idiyappam. Generally in Chettinadu cuisine, not used the non-vegetable food in their eating habits. But in some parts non-vegetable dishes also very popular preparing with various spices. Here some popular Tamil Nadu Recipes are chicken fry, which called kozhi varuval. Pepper Chicken, kal paasi and Marathi mooku, some other famous dishes.

Nanjil Nadu Food

tamil nadu food

Another Tamil Nadu Food Varieties are Nanjil Nadu Cuisines. These are very famous and prepares using mostly the coconut oil and coconut. Kerala style of preparing style influenced Nanji Nadu dish. The area spread at the coastal belt, so the fishes available abundantly and here people eat fishes compulsory in their daily food. Other famous food items are erriserry, ulundhanchoru, and avail, which made with black gram lentils, rice, and coconut. Kappa and Meen Curry are other important dishes, made with fish. Nanjil Nadu is only the place where used beef in the dishes, even the Hindus also eat beef at this place only.

Kongu Nadu Cuisines

Kongu Nadu is another Tamil Nadu food items and famous in Coimbatore, Bhavani, and Coimbatore. During the preparing of the food, used mostly the coconut oil and also mixed with turmeric powder for extra taste. Here people mostly used traditional vegetarian food. Other popular dishes are oppittu, vazhai poo vadai and kambu koozhu.

Some other dishes also narrated below………

1. Sambar

Wherever you go in Tamil Nadu, you can find Sambar with rich taste as a curry item. This is made with different vegetables and spices. At first cooked the dal with Drumsticks, potatoes, Pumpkin and many varieties of vegetable slices. Later add the tamarind water and boiled a long time on light heat and add various ingredients which gives a lot of taste to the Tamil Nadu food. Finally, add curry leaves for fragment smell. Tamilians used this dish in breakfast items also.

2. Idly and Vada

The Tamil Nadu people fond of eating Idli and Vada for their breakfast items. This is a soft Tamil Nadu food item and a complemented food for each one. This food digested very easily and healthy for the body. Idli made with the mixture of rice and urad dal. The mixture kept in specially made dishes and boiled in water vapour. This is a signature dishes of Tamilnadu and surrounded states also.

Vada is also in the shape of idli and prepared with Bengal gram. At first, the Bengal grams soaked in water and mixed with curry leaf and cumin seed. Now the mixture fried deeply in hot groundnut oil. Later eat with coconut chutney and sambar. This is a very tasty snack item.

3. Lemon Rice

This Tamil Nadu food dish is very favourite food to the Tamil people. Whenever the households busy with the work or late to come back the home, then they prefer to do Lemon Rice which makes easy and tasty. This is made with cooked rice, lemon juice, tomatoes, curry leafs, red chillies and salt. At first mixed the cooked food with turmeric powder and lemon juice. Add some groundnuts also for extra taste.

4. Paruppu Payasam

This is one of the famous dishes of Tamil Nadu. Paruppu Payasam is made with sugar or Jaggary and Moong dal. At first roasted the Moong dal and cooked in pressure cooker. Now Jaggery syrup mixed with mashed moong dal and cooked some time on the light heat. After few minutes served the jaggery mixed Moong dal with roasted cashew nuts. This Tamil Nadu food item tastes admirable.

5. Uttapam

Uttapam, this is a breakfast item and similar to Andhra special food dosa. This Tamil Nadu food item is made with Urad Dal and rice powder. At first, the Urad Dal soaked in the water and grind it and mix with rice powder. Now the mixture kept for a few hours for ferment and spread on the pan as dosa. Now sprinkle oil on the Uttapam and fried on light heat. The food item seems as dosa at the edges and like an idli in the middle. During the fried, the Uttapam topped with tomatoes, onions and chillies for the delicious taste. This food of Tamil Nadu served with Sambar or Coconut chutney.

6. Rasam

Rasam is a special item like soup. This is made with Tamarind soup adding tomatoes, cumin and pepper. This item served with the common vegetable curries. It tastes some sour and chilly due to the adding of various spicy items. Almost every household made this special item in the meals. Some interested to drink as a soup.