Gujarat Cuisines, Vegetarians World

Gujarati Cuisines, Vegetarians World:

gujarati cuisines

Gujarati cuisines are the traditional food for the vegetarians. Gujarat is the famous industrialized state in India. Although here the people orthodox tradition and strictly follow the culture of India. During the olden days Jainism overspread all over the region now Hinduism is thriving now in peak level. So people in Gujarat are mostly vegetarians. The religious people here also encourage widespread adoption of a vegetarian diet. Gujarat dishes are not spicy than to compare neighboring states. However, the cuisine is very delicious with the combination of leafy vegetables. The Gujarati guests served their traditional food on large silver or stainless steel platters.

Gujarat Cuisine:

Gujarat has three slight different geographical regions, they are Kutch, Saurashtra, and Surat. Due to these regions, people prepare in differences in preparing their dishes. They use the ingrains are pulses, sweets, rice, chutneys, puri, chappati, coconut and sweetened yogurt. Gujarat is famous for the dishes are ‘Khaman Dhokla’, a salty steamed cake, a vegetarian dish with potato is ‘Oondhiya’ and the vegetarian dishes with brinjal, potato, green beans and cooked the dishes in an earthenware pot in the fire.

Khichdi and Kadhi:

Khichdi and Kadhi are other variety of dish. Hence Khichdi prepared with lentil and rice mixture and prepared yogurt curry with chopped vegetables and a variety of spices. People prepare some dishes with chick-pea and wheat flour. With the combination of these two things, they prepare snacks like Chakli and Sev Ganthia, which are famous dishes in Gujarat. The Doodh Pak, Gharis, Nankhatais are the sweets, which are very delicious to eat. Gharis sweets are very famous in Surat. The dish is prepared with butter, dried fruits and thickened milk and rich halwa. The Muslim communities prepare beef preparations and variety of soups.

Popular Gujarati Dishes:

Keri no ras
Daal Dhokli
Farsi Falafel