Odisha Food

Odisha Food: 

Odisha Food has peculiar qualities to compare with other dishes. The place for delicious Cuisines and the dishes are very similar tastes to the neighboring states. Here main staple food paired with vegetables.

odisha food

The Odisha people follow strictly their religion and culture, so the people maintain traditional Odisha dishes in their houses and during the festival seasons. Broadly Seafood available in Odisha so the coastal area people prepare the Odisha food with fish, prawns, crabs, and lobsters. People use less oil in their dishes and the Odisha food contained a less calorific value.

Odisha Food in Local Areas:

The Odisha people are not only fond of eating non-vegetarian food but also interest fond of sweets as well. The mixed Curd and seeds used to the Odisha people in their daily taking food. Kitchens filled with rich and creamy curd with is abundantly used in their dishes. Hence the people especially used yams, brinjals, and pumpkins in their dishes. The Odisha people frequently used the Pisthas in their dishes. The Pisthas are the dried nuts contains very stuff food. These pitha nuts used in small cakes to give extra taste to the dishes. Chhenapodapitha, the another familiar Odisha food. The tourists interested to eat this dish very delightedly. During the Radha Yatra, the famous dish ‘Bhog’ called ‘Mahaprasad’ and served to Lord Jagannath.

1. Odisha Food, Khichadi:

odisha foodKhichadi is a sacred and well-known dish in Odisha. Kechadi offered as Prasadam to Lord Jagannath in Jagannath temple. First lentils and rice soaked together in water and then steamed together to the desired consistency. At the final level, delicious flavors add to the dishes.
2. Chungdi Malai another variety of Odisha Food:
Odisha has a vast coastline and many rivers also flowing throughout Odisha. So the majority of the people prefers nonvegetarian dishes. So here Chungdi Malai is a famous nonvegetarian dish. Prawn curry preparing with coconut milk and the taste is very distinct.

3. Macha Ghanta

The dish is a fish item, very popular in Odisha as a special dish to serve the guests. Every household feels better to prepare the favorite dish of Odisha Macha Ghanta. The devotees offer this dish to Durga Maa during the Dussehra celebrations. The curry is a blend of regular spices, potato slices fry, onion lays and garlic. The fishes fried with heads and serve with salad and rice. This is a variety of dish not compare to any other fish cuisines. The people are very eager to eat until the dish completed.

4. Dalma

This is a unique staple food of Odisha and very famous food item in Odisha state. First roast the moong dal and boil without any onion or garlic. During the boiling add a cup of veggies to give extra taste to the dish. Generally, the households use papaya, yam, pumpkin, and plantain add to the dish which is healthy items. People eat Dalma with rice and roti. Every household in the state uses it as a common food.

5. Chungdi Malai

This Odisha food item prepared with coconut milk. This delicious curry is famous as creamy prawn, seems richness and silkiness. So the people made with high delight and add the light spices to this curry. The flavored dish makes the people mouth watering and absolutely delightful to eat with steamed basmati rice. The food is served in every Odisha food restaurants.

5. Pakhala Bhata

Pakhala Bhata is the summer special dish to avoid the heat of the weather and keep the body temperature in normal. At first soaked the cooked rice in water and add sour curd. This dish served normally with fried fish, Badi choora, potatoes, and papad. Black gram also mixed to this dish. Every year on 20th March the Odisha people celebrated Pakhala Dibasa which means Pakhala day to welcome summer season by serving the traditional food of Odisha.