Kerala Food – Special Dishes of South India

Kerala Food:

Kerala Food is very famous in South India. Here the spices are very famous and known as the land of Spices. So the British came to Kerala to do Spicy business. We can find abruptly the spices on this land. The food of Kerala added with coconut stuff and coconut oil. Generally, the Kerala food items served to the Guests on a banana leaf. The special dishes made with the tamarind spices to bring extra taste. The breakfast recipes prepared with pepper-hot flavours and coconut.

Kerala Food Menu

Kerala Food is always fresh and flavoured. The most of the sea coastal area spread in Kerala, so here people prepare the dishes with fish. They eat rice with fish and combined the vegetables also to these dishes. At the coastal areas, the main food of Kerala is fish based items. In Kerala northern people and tribal people are fond of to eat Meat. So the food recipes do not end with chillies, mustard seed, tamarind and curry leaf.

kerala food

 Sadya Special Food of Kerala

Sadya, one of the important Kerala recipes of native Keralians. This made with vegetables, green chillies, and coconut paste. At the end of the dish preparation, add a spoonful of fresh coconut oil. When the dish was taken off the stove stirred then immediately sprinkled the raw curry leaves.

kerala food

Kottu Curry:

This is important Kerala food menu item. This curry prepared with potatoes, green chillies and onions. First, these three cooked in coconut milk, when coconut milk turned thin, add pumpkin and red grammes. This is very tasty and spicy.

Tangy Rasam:

Tangy Rasam is another famous dish. Chilly and peppercorns powders and tamarind juice used to prepare Rasam. First chilly and peppercorns are boiled in diluted tamarind juice. Finally, the pulissery buttermilk mixed with it.

Banana chips:

Banana chips are very famous recipes of Kerala. These chips fried deeply in coconut oil and covered with sugar or honey. Some Banana slices added with salt and spicy for better taste and covered with chocolate flavours. These Banana chips have a large demand in not only domestic areas but also in international markets.


kerala food

Payasam is an item of Kerala special sweets. This made with Rice, Wheat or Vermicelli. First Rice, Wheat, and Vermicelli is boiled with milk and sweetened with sugar. Some called it as ‘pal payasam’. Some are used Dal or wheat instead of rice and finally added jaggery and coconut milk. After took off from the flames, finally added with spices which make a delicious dish. During every festival season, this is one of the important Kerala food items, people traditionally serve Payasam at the time of food serving.

kerala food

Tapioca Fish Curry:

The main non-vegetarian food is Tapioca Fish Curry. The people feel the interest to eat this dish. It is one of the spicy dishes along with other famous cuisines. Kappa and Meen curries are other delicious Non-vegetarian dishes, made with garlic paste, red chillies and finally seasoned with mustard seeds and curry leaves.