Gujarati Food and Cuisine

Gujarati Food:

Gujarati food is very healthy food. In India, Gujarat is one of the famous industrialized states and noted many industrialists all over the world. The state is famous of preserving the tradition and culture of their state. Here the people very orthodox and give value for the ethics of their religion. In ancient times Jainism spread all over Gujarat and now Hinduism is thriving, So people of Gujarat are mostly vegetarian and encourage non-vegetarians transfer as the vegetarians. Here the traditional dishes are not spicy when to compare with other states in India. Most of the Gujarati recipes made with the combination of leafy vegetables.

gujarati food

Gujarat is famous for its cultural unity. Here the people following the old tradition to prepare food recipes. The cooking style is different in different regions. People eat the staple food with contains a large amount of nutritional value. The vegetable food had mild spices. Famous Gujarati sweets are well known all over India for their unique. Gujarat has the longest coastal area in India. Here the weather is very hot and humid. So the people at coastal area used tomato, sugar and lemons in the food to keep the body hydrated. The Rotis with dal or Kadhi, Sabzi or Shaak, rice and variety of homemade pickles made the taste of meals rich and mouth watering. Vaghaar is a blend of spice mixed with oil and drizzled over dal to bring extra taste to dal. All most all households used ingredients like lentils, sesame seeds and Yogurt in Gujarathi dishes. When the people need to serve to their guests, they serve their traditional food on large silver platters.

Gujarati Food, Non-Vegetarian Food:

Gujarat is the combination of three slightly different geographical regions, they are Kutch, Saurashtra, and Surat. Therefore in these regions, people prepare the Gujarati food in three varieties. Mainly use ingrains are pulses, sweets, rice, puri, chappati, yogurt and rice. ‘Khaman Dhokla’ is the famous Gujarati food, which is made with a salty steamed cake. ‘Oondhiya’ is the main vegetarian dish made with potato, green beans, and brinjal and cooked in an earthenware pot in the fire.

Khichdi is another variety of Gujarati food, make with lentil and rice. With this dish, people use yogurt curry and chopped vegetables. Here people also prepare the snacks like Chakli and Sev Ganthia. These are prepared by using wheat flour and chick-pea. Gujarati people are very fond of eating sweets, the main sweet dishes are Doodh Pak, Nankhatais, and Chris, which is very tasty and children are very fond of eating these sweets. Especially Surat is very famous for Ghee sweets; especially Gharis sweets are very tasty and prepared them with butter, thickened milk, and dried fruits. Here the Muslim people prepare some variety of dishes with beef and mutton according to their tradition.

Gujarat Famous Food Items are given below


This is one of the famous Gujarati snacks item. Everyone is fond of eating this food item. Khandvi made with Gram flour, coconut, curry leaves and mustard seeds. Mix these three and heat on the pan. This is a common food item in every household.


This dish is the staple food of Gujarat. This is a very healthy vegetarian curry food. Everyone in Gujarat made this curry regularly. This curry made with winter veggies like Sruti papdi, brinjals, potatoes, bananas and methi. Generally, this curry served in small pots.

Gujarati Thali

Gujarat famous food name is Thali. This is the ain staple food of Gujarat and very famous outside of the state also. Thali is the main dish in houses as well as in restaurants. This is a common dish in lunch and dinner. Usually, thali consisted of homemade bread, rice, roti, a shaak or sabzi, dal, lentils, chickpea gravy, vegetable pakoras, vegetables, and spices. The snack items Samosa, Pathra, and dhokla kept in Thali. Jalebi and mohanthal have compulsory space in Thali. Especially, the households prepare special dishes to occupy Thali on the special occasions and during festival celebrations. The special sweet items are also a part in Thali on special days.


This is the best recipe in Gujarat made with gram flour, wheat flour, fenugreek leaves and some spices. This is very healthy food, served with curd and pickles. The households prefer to do this snack item during the monsoon days. Especially, the restaurants have the main menu item and everyone prefers to eat as their favorite dish.


This is one of the main Gujarati food recipes in the winter season. This is famous as a classical dish since long time. The dish name is derived from Gujarati word ‘undhu’ means inverted, because made this dish in an inverted clay pot. Prepared with eggplant, potatoes, yam, bananas, beans and green peas and cooked with buttermilk, coconut, and spices on light heat. This is very delicious and served in puris and shrikhand.


This is a snack item. First, take the Khaman flour and mix with turmeric, salt, and baking soda. Then boiled the mixture and later ate with spices.


This is famous Gujarati dish, made with sour curd, gram flour, spices, jaggery or sugar. The mixture made as thin soup and tastes sweet and spicy. Kadhi cools the body so household made this dish during the summer season. Kadhi eats with soft phulkas and basmati rice. Made this dish is very simple and staple food to the Gujarati people. So the Thali meal complete after having Kadhi only.