Sage Markandeya Story Who Conquered Death

Sage Markandeya Story

Markandeya, the famous sage and conquered the death. His story inspired the students also how to overcome the difficulties in the daily life. His life story was discussed in the Puranas. Marikandu a Sage and his wife Marudvati lived together happily. They were the greatest devotees of Lord Shiva. They wake up very early and worship Lord Shiva with utmost devotion. They are wondering from one place to another by singing the praising verses and spreading the stories of Lord Shiva. However, they had regret due to the lack of children.

Marudvati and Marikandu’s Penance For a Child

One day the couple decided to appease Lord Shiva by performing severe penances for a child. The appeased Lord Shiva appeared before them. Then the two opened the eyes and stunned looking at the magnificent face of Lord Shiva. They chanted the mantras and praised Lord Shiva and fell on the feet. They are unable to control their happiness about the appearance of their beloved God. Then Lord Shiva asked the couple, I was appeased at your strong penance. I wish to you grant a boon, tell me what is your desire in life? Marudvati with utmost joy asked the Lord all I want is a child, whom should be blessed by you.

Lord Shiva Confused the Couple

Then Lord Shiva closed the eyes and keep silent some time, again asked which sort of child do you want? The couple confused with the question and look at each other and turned to the Lord for the explanation of the question. Lord Shiva explained the couple wanted a gifted child or foolish child? The confuse increased in the minds of the couple, Mrikandu slowly open the mouth ‘I do not understand about the question my Lord’, then Lord slowly revealed his thought that the gifted child would have only short span, the foolish child would live the complete span of life.

Birth of Markandeya

This made complete trouble to the couple to take a decision. Both recall how they served Lord Shiva and intended this sort of question was a test to them. Immediately Marudvati looked straight into the eyes of Lord Shiva and asked the gifted child with a short lifespan. The husband nodded Marudvati and said we will be happy with the child as long as he alive. Later, we continue our remained life recalling the memories of the child. Both fell on the feet of Lord Shiva, then the God blessed them went away without a single word.
After few months Marudvati gave birth to a boy and named him Markandeya. As a gifted child, he learned Vedas and other Puranas at very early age. He also became a great devotee of Lord Shiva and has been singing the praising songs of Him. When the age of Markandeya has been increasing, the parents seem unhappy. Markandeya asked for the reason but turned a futile attempt. Even as a brilliant child he was unable to find the reason behind.

Markandeya Deep Meditation For Lord Shiva

When Markandeya turned 16, he asked his parents am I the cause for your sorrow and did any wrong at you? Then Marudvati broke down at his words and said, my son we love you very much, you made us very proud and a parent would want a child like you. Finally, they narrated the entire story about the birth story of Markandeya. He listened silently without interruption of his parents. He intended his parents were going to lose him. He didn’t fear about his death, however, he wanted to change the destiny for the sake of his parents. He smiled at his parents lovingly and said my devoted parents you don’t be worried, I will pray Lord Shiva, and he didn’t allow anything to happen to me. Later he took the blessings from the parents and went to the seashore and made a Shiva Lingam with mud. He sat before Shivalingam and went into deep meditation.

Yama tried to take the soul of Markandeya

Yama realized the death time occurred to Markandeya, so he sent his two servants to collect the soul of Markandeya. The Yama servants came close to Markandeya, but the deep meditation caused to appear a strange fierce light on his forehead. The light protected him from the servants. The servants went back to Yama and explained about fierce light. Then Yama himself went to the spot to bring the soul. But the bright face of Markandeya informs to Yama that he lead a pure and good life those are protecting him from death. Yama called Markandeya and said your time on earth is over, come with me to hell. Markandeya didn’t fear and said ‘I will not go with you, my Lord always protects one from the death’. Then threw his noose around Markandeya to pull out the soul. As soon as Markandeya hug the Shivalingam and closed the eyes and prayed for Lord Shiva.

Markandeya become Chiranjeevi

Unfortunately, the noose tightened Shivalingam, then Lord Shiva appeared angrily and threatening to open his third eye on Yama. Immediately God Indra other Gods appeared before Him and cool down Lord Shiva. Then Markandeya astonished at the situations. Lord Shiva looked at Markandeya and said my boy ‘ go back to your parents and look after them carefully entire their life. You will live long and remain as Chiranjeevi…….