Traditional Kashmir Food

Kashmiri Food 

kashmiri cuisines

Kashmiri cuisines are famous for its tradition. The place is not only famous for beautiful landscapes and also famous for its cuisines. So the people commonly use the spices like cardamom, cloves, saffron etc. These spices give special taste and aroma to the food. But the Kashmiri rice is one of the important traditional food of Kashmir and add the rice with the spicy dishes. Most people use the dishes are mutton, chicken, fish and etc. The Kashmiri’s combine the non-veg and vegetables in the same dish.

Banquet Another Dish

Banquet(Wazwan) is an important diet to the Kashmir people. During the official feasts, Kashmiri people serve the non-vegetarian dishes. This official feast is called wazwan. Wazwan meal consists of more non-vegetarian dishes and only two varieties of vegetarian dishes. Kahva or green tea is another traditional drink to the Kashmir people, they used it at the end of the meals. The traditional dishes are eaten only with the hands. They didn’t use the spoons, knives or forks.

kashmiri cuisines
1. Khambir and Butter Tea
Butter tea, have you ever heard about it? Yes, this Butter Tea is very famous in Kashmir served with Khambir bread. The Khambir bread is made locally with wheat and tastes delicious. When the guests visited the house, the households are busy in the preparation of this Kashmiri food. Ladakh is famous for this dish.
2. Rogan Josh
Rogan Josh is a famous Kashmiri cuisine introduced in India by the advent of the Mughals. This dish is made with Lamb meat and the meat lovers are fond of eating on every day. This is a healthy food item contains low fat. During the preparation of the dish with the fflavorsof onions, yoghurt and other spices. Serve this dish with rice, roti or naan.

3. Dum Olav

Dum Olav is a famous Kashmiri cuisine dishes prepared with potatoes. This is a pure vegetarian Kashmiri food. Most of the Kashmiri cuisines are made with non-vegetarian items. However, the people interested to eat this vegetarian dish frequently. At first Dum Aaloo cleaned and made the slices, now the slices of the potatoes cooked with fennel, spices, ginger powder and yoghurt on light heat. When the dish became gravy, kept down the dish from the fire and serve with chapattis and naan.

4. Kashmiri Muji Gaad

Muji Gaad has a unique taste made up of fish and add the vegetable items radish or nadur. This is a special Kashmiri food to the vegetarians and non-vegetarians. This dish is a mixture of fish and lotus stem, add flavour of vegetarian and non-vegetarian ingredients to give it a unique taste. Add hot spices and herbs for amazing flavor and aroma.

5. Aab Gosht

If you are a mutton lover, you love Kashmiri food. Mutton used in the daily diet of Kashmiri people and you can find here about 30 different Mutton recipes in Kashmiri diet. Aab Gosht is one of the most popular Kashmiri dish among many Mutton dishes. The Kashmiri recipe is made with many spices such as milk and cardamom and black pepper. This tastes very delicious and a special item during the occasions and festival celebrations.

6. Gushtaba

Take the meat and made it into very little pieces and cooked in fresh curd gravy. During this item served as a traditional dish at the end.
In ancient times, Wazwan used as a symbolized feast for the kings and virtues persons. In the feast of Wazwan, prepared the dishes with unique methods and use mutton in every dish and prepare other delicious dishes, with approximately 30 varieties of meat preparations