Rajasthan Costumes

Rajasthan Costumes:

Rajasthan Costumes are beautiful compared with other traditional dresses. The Indian State of Rajasthan is the unity of colourful festivals, costumes, folk songs, and dances. The Rajasthani traditional costumes are very bright and quite different to the other traditional costumes of the rest of the states. The weather conditions of the state bring to wear myriad colours. The women folk wear more colourful clothes.

rajasthan costumes

Rajasthan Costumes for Men:

Dhoti is the main Rajasthan traditional dress of the men in Rajasthan. They are called bandia-angarkha and potia. Bandia-angarkha is the traditional dress in the model of a jacket which closely fits the chest and seems loose around the waist. The sleeves of this jacket are very narrow and are longer than the arms. They adjusted at the wrists.

Along with this dress, men also wear a bright-coloured turban or headdress. The turbans seem in various colours that fit the region’s weather. They wear turbans according to the region’s weather conditions.

Rajasthan Costumes for Women:

Women of Rajasthan wear mainly Ghaghara, Choli and Odhani dresses. These costumes are in bright colours, especially Ghaghara dresses are in many designs. The dresses are ankle-length long skirts with a narrow waist, which looks like an umbrella at the base. Rajasthani Women prefer to wear cotton Ghaghara dresses, which are suitable for the weather conditions of Rajasthan. The cotton Ghaghara is also trendy and printed or dyed like mothras and leharlya print.