Maharashtra Costumes

Maharashtra Costumes:

Costumes of Men:

Maharashtra Costumes are very colourful and attractive. The state is vast in India, so Maharashtra has different physical features. The different atmospheres also caused them to wear other costumes by the Marata People. The men in Maharashtra wear their traditional dress, dhoti and shirt with headdress, called ‘Pheta’. Generally, men wear cotton cloth about two to three meters long and have borders at the edges. The hat is a folded cotton, silk and woollen fabric cap. They are also wearing the shirt waistcoat called ‘Bandi’. Nagpur handmade dhotis are very famous for their durability. Maratha Brahmans especially prefer to wear dhotis using five tucks to secure their dhoti.

Costumes of Women:

maharashtra costumes
Women prefer to wear a sari and blouse called a ‘Choli’. Saris are 7 meters long and 9 meters long sizes. Women follow the tradition of wearing costumes in the style that the Sari is tucked and worn between the legs. The blouses are short-sleeved, covering only half the back’s length. ‘Lugadi’ is another style of 9-meter saree; elderly women use these saris. The Lugadi is also forty-five inches in width and has two lengthwise borders. The model of the wearing style is quite different, with the back pleats tucked into the waist at the back centre and the decorated end thrown over the left shoulder.