Karnataka Costumes, Traditional Kanchipuram Sarees

karnataka traditional costumes

Karnataka Traditional Costumes:

Karnataka traditional costumes are very impressive and have a rich culture. Generally, the dress code of every region shows the harmony and prosperity among the people. Karnataka dressing styles are changing along with the changes in the traditions of the society. Generally most of the Karnataka people, especially elderly men, and women following strictly their dress code of their tradition. The designs and wearing style of the clothes closely connected to their culture.

Karnataka Traditional Costumes of Women:

Women in Karnataka wear their traditional dress of Saree. The sarees are weaved with cotton and silk fabric. As a result most of the Karnataka people prefer to wear silk sarees. In ancient times Karnataka region was famous for silk fabric. Still, we can find beautifully designed silk sarees in every place of Karnataka. Many traders and fashion designers visit Karnataka to buy high-quality silk fabrics. The varieties of brocades, sleek chiffons, and smooth silks are also available in Karnataka, these silk variety of sarees makes extra beauty to the women. Mysore and Bangalore are the main silk industrial in India.

Kanchipuram Silk Sarees:

The famous Kanchipuram silk sarees are very famous all over India. The colors, fabulous designs, and rich textures make the people astonish and passionate to wear the sarees. Silk yarn is dyed with various appropriate colors to bring glory to the silk fabric. Pure Jari is also a part in designing the sarees, Jari is designed with pure silk thread and knotted with a thin silver wire. These Kanchipuram silk sarees have generally worn the brides on the marriage occasion. Beside of Kanchipuram sarees, Mysore silk sarees have also the same reputation in India.

Karnataka Traditional Costumes of Men:

The traditional dree for men in Karnataka is Lungi. Men wore the lungi and wear the shirt. To cover the shoulder men take over Angavastram. On the special occasions and during the festival seasons men wear Panche, this is in white color and seems like Dhoti. Mysore Peta is a traditional headdress for men