Punjab Traditional Costumes

Punjab Traditional Costumes:

Punjab traditional costumes have rich culture and tradition in India. The dress is very famous costumes in India. Women interest to wear the Punjabi dresses for comfort. Hence the traditional costumes are very beautiful and attractive.

punjabi traditional costumes

Salwar Kameez:

Salwar Kameez is the traditional dress of Punjabi women. Most of the girls felt interested in wearing the salwar kameez. These Salwar Kameez costumes are like suits, wearing these costumes is the present trend of style. The dresses are mostly in white and black colors with matching dupatta. Phulkari is another traditional dress, which is wear by women on the wedding and traditional occasions. However, Punjabi women are famous for their handicraft phulkari. Phulkari costumes have embroidery work with beautiful designs. The Patiala salwar kameez dresses are also the traditional dresses of Punjab. We can see the richness of Punjab culture in their dresses. The dress is the combination Eastern and Western dresses.

Punjab Traditional costume Turban:

The Turban is very famous to identify the people belong to Punjab. Although Turban is a traditional costume. In the past, the people wear very long Turbans, which are some up to 40 feet long. Now the turbans modify as stylish Turbans with various designs and the present turbans are very shorter to compare with old turbans.


The Very famous dress is Kurta, the dress is very popular all over India. The style of wearing Kurta started in 11 century. There are different types of Kurtas, they are multani, phulkari, bandhani, and muktasari etc. Women also wear the kurtas.


These costumes were existence during the Maurya empire. But still, the people wearing this oldest types of dresses.

punjab traditional costumes

Punjabi Ghagra:

Punjabi Ghagra is another traditional dress of Punjabi women. Punjabi Ghagra was widely used by women before the advent of the Punjabi suit. Still in some regions in Punjab, the traditional ghagra has been using to wear.

Punjabi Suit:

The is the traditional dress of Punjabi women. The dress is not only worn by Punjabi women but also by every woman who lives in different regions in India. The dress is very comfort and seems dignified. With some different style of Punjabi, the men also wear this.


Punjabi people gave value to the Chola dresses. It is a religious dress of Punjabi, the people wear the dress while they are visiting gurudwara.

Punjab traditional costumes in modern days:

With the advents of westernized styles into the present society, the style of costumes has been changing in their style and designs. Now the costumes are turned as jeans, shorts, funky t-shirts and so many western variety costumes. These styles have been mixing with local traditions.