Gujarat Traditional Costumes

Gujarat Traditional Costumes:

Gujarat’s traditional costumes have their uniqueness and attractiveness. The costumes have a unique tradition and culture. The changes have influenced the traditional costumes in fashion and lifestyle and Western countries’ influence. The present youth is attracted to modern styles of hanging artificial ornaments, stylish accessories, and fancy jewellery.

gujarat traditional costumes
Clothing for festivals in Gujarat:

On festival occasions, the Gujaratis wear traditional dresses, especially on the Navratris, the people buy new clothing and accessories. During the festival, the men wear the costume Keviyas, a short coat. The coat is tightly sleeved and designed with frilled pleats. The dress is richly embroidered to bring a rich look. During the performance, the women wear ghagra choli and lehenga choli. They wear blouses that are barebacked and extend to the waist with lehengas and Ghagras. The women wear the veil also with the dupatta. The women wear a variety of dresses according to their geographical areas. Especially the costumes are the clothes pieces with fine thread work, designs with little patches and some other designs used as the traditional costumes of Gujarat.


Chrono is another traditional costume of Gujarat; men only wear these costumes. The dress used to wear in rural areas. Angrakhu or kediyu is put all over chorizo to cover the men’s bodies. Men also wear a turban, which is called a phento.
Women commonly wear Chaniyo, with several glass pieces added to the dress. Churi is also used when the women wear Chaniyo to cover the upper area of the body.

gujarat traditional costumes

Kuch region people wear beautiful costumes. Abhas is a trendy costume in the Kutch area. The dress is covered with many glass pieces. The outfit is stitched with silver and gold threads with various designs. These designs give a lot of impression to the beauty of costumes.

Present Trend:

At present, there are a lot of changes occurring in the lifestyle of Gujarat people. Bollywood movies and other series influence the lifestyle of women and men. The costumes, ornaments and styles are moulded according to societal changes. These days, the decorations are getting more aesthetic and stylish. Women are wearing these styles on occasion and also influencing the culture and heritage of their own.