Eye Exercises for Sharp Sightedness

Eye the Prime Organ:

Eye exercises are very useful for better sightedness. Eyes are sensory organs, what we see is the mind’s interpretation of an image received by retina. If the mind is in a highly state, the vision will be effected, so the sight is mainly depended upon the mind. According to Yoga there were external and internal eyes. The external eyes see what is happing before you, the internal eyes looks into the inner recesses of the body. The external eyes received the image and transmitted to the visual centre of the brain. The sight is depended on five factors. They are the objects, the organs of sight, the sensory function and the interior spirit.

eye exercise

Causes of Not Proper function of the eyes:

While reading or writing few or writing, only few people know keeping the book in correct distance to hold. some are not blinking eyes properly during a whole page reading. These causes the eyes fainted and starts the head ache or migraines. So one should blink at least for every line and maintain the distance between the book and eyes.

Blinking the Eyes:

If we maintain to hold the book in perfect distance, we can see the letters clearly without any effort to see them. The normal distance to the younger is ten to twelve inches and not forget to blink five to ten times a minute. One should follow the instructions, then the eyes are in relaxed position.

Not using the eyes in proper way:

Some people follow the habit of writing and reading at the same time. This causes the eye lids move very fastly between reading matter and writing matter. Try to avoid this thing. Some stared the objects without blinking or even moving the eyes. It is very essence to move the eyes gently and blink lightly to avoid the much strain.

Over Use, no Relax:

Staring long and short distances without relax or blinking. Some people read the books and watch the television for hours and hours without break. THis makes lot of strain to the eyes. Some people make the eyes widely and look at the long distanced objects. And some read the books not maintaining the perfect distances, these acts caused lot of strain to the eys. THese are also caused long and short sightedness.

eye exercises

How to Relax the Eyes:

According to the Yoga exhaling and Inhaling caused the nerves of the eyes relaxes. Sit properly and gentle close the eyes and cover the eyes with your palms of the hand and allow the heat from te palms penetrate the eye balls. When you are doing this, protect the eyes completely from light. Keep the neck and spinel column in an upright position. Do gently inhale and exhale the breath. Stay for sometime and remove your palms from the eyes and slowly open the eyes. THis causes to sharp the eye vision.

Eye Exercies:

For eye exercises the practiser should follow the Viparitakarani (inverted) posture, the Padmasana position or sitting crossed leg position.

First Exercise: Sit in Padmasana position and calm down your mind and look straight for few seconds. Now Inhale the breath while turning your eyes as right and bring back to the starting position while exhaling. Again inhale the breath while raising the eyes upwards, bring downwards while exhaling. Repeat this exercise 3 to 4 times, later sit few minutes in relaxed mood by closing the eyes.

Second Exercise: Sit in padmasana position and roll the eyes in a circle. While inhaling turn the eyes right, while exhale turn the eyes left.

Third Exercise: Sit in the position of Padmasana and look straight forward. Now inhale the breath and open the eyes as wide as possible and exhale the breath by clench the eye lids.

eye exercises

How to get the Sharp Sightedness:

Keep five black dots on a white disc and hang to a wall, stand three  feet away from disc. Now look at the middle black dot for a while. Do like this three or four times without eyes straining. Now look at the right dot for few seconds and return to the middle for few seconds. Again gaze the left dot for few seconds then look at the top dot, again return to the middle. Again gaze at teh bottom dot for few seconds and return to the middle dot. Repeat like this two times your sight sharpness will increase.