Kashmir Traditional Costumes

Kashmir Traditional Costumes:

Kashmir’s Traditional costumes have a lot of History and are very traditional and cultural in India—the outfits of people in Kashmir wear dresses according to the weather conditions. The weather is mostly very calm and chilly, so the people wear costumes that comfort them and save them from the protection of the weather. During the ancient period, many Western countries like Persians, Romans and Greeks ruled this area, so their tradition of wearing costumes influenced the Kashmiri people. The advent of the Aryan civilization also caused the lifestyle of the Kashmiri people. The Kashmir traditional costumes make with cotton, silk and wool, and the dresses are designed with embroideries. Such cloth Pheran is the most favourite dress for men and women.

kashmir traditional costumes

In the ancient period, according to Hieun Tsang, the Kashmiri people were dressed in leather doublets and clothes of White linen. They cover their body in warm cloaks with the Nilamata Purna, Pravarana. The rich people cover their bodies in winter with woollen shawls, and ordinary people cover cheaper woollen cloth.

Kashmir Traditional Costumes of Women:


One of the Kashmir traditional costumes is Pheran. Nilamata Purana is the traditional costume for males and females. The outfit is also called pheran or pra varna. The dress is in two pieces, one used as an underlayer called Potsh, being of light white cotton. The Pheran has wide sleeves with long stripes of red borders. These borders are attached around the open chest collars. A coloured sash is tied around the waist. This Pheran is worn mainly by Muslim women to show their tradition and culture with the wide sleeves that get to the knees. Hindu women also wear the same dress, but the Pheran is long and gets to the toes. Kasaba is another costume-like headdress; it is used to wear when people wear the Pheran costume.

Kashmir Traditional Costumes of Men:

Pheran is also a popular Kashmir traditional costume among men. Pheran uses Kangri, which is a type of eastern vessel. Pathani suit is very famous in Srinagar for Hindu men. Muslim men also prefer to wear turban and caps. Wearing the Pashmina shawl is a symbol of royalty. It is made using goat wool, and the textures and designs on the mantle are beautiful, and embroidery on these shawls makes a lot of richness.

Kashmir Traditional Costumes Dogras:

Dogras are a half-nomadic tribe living in Jammu. The women of this community wear pyjamas with decorated headdresses. The men wear fitted kurtas and pyjamas.
Gujjars Costumes: Gujjars are a very famous tribe in Kashmir. Most of the people in this tribe are shepherds. Men’s and women’s dress styles are the same, and the ear tunics with loose fitting salwar.

Costumes of Ladakh:

Women wear the Kuntops, which is an in a variety of dresses. They also attached this dress with Bok, a stunning shawl. Men wear woollen robes designed by Goucha. And also wear Skerag, which is also a lovely sash.