Nagaland Traditional Costumes

Nagaland Traditional Costumes:

Nagaland Traditional Costumes are pretty different compared with other regional costumes in India. Nagaland people give very priority to their traditions and culture. The Traditional Nagaland Costumes seem very attractive and colourful. The decorative shawls of Nagaland are trendy traditional dresses among other conventional dresses. Women wear dresses that are a quarter meter long and tightly wrapped around the waist. The shirts are available in wide varieties and wear according to their clans. The red and yellow striped skirts are exciting to wear on special occasions. They called Azu Jangnup Su.

nagaland traditional costumes
Nagaland Traditional Costumes of Tribal Angami:

The tribal Angami women wear plain blue cloth skirts and white cloth. The white fabric has thick black marginal bands of a variety of breadth. They also wear Mechala, that wrap-around skirt with an accompanying shawl. The men wear the same dress styles with a slight difference. They wear ornaments of coral pieces, chunky bangles, heavy bracelets and pendants, which makes it look religious.
The Nagaland women also wear Neikhro costumes, designed with embroidery like a dress. The traditional costumes are distinctive in their colour and patterns.
Rhikho, another kind of costume of Nagaland. The tribal men wear these types of dresses. The costumes are only worn by the men who can offer a sumptuous feast or have never killed a big enemy. The cloth is white, and four black coloured bands are attached to this cloth.

Moyer Tusk: This is very ordinary cloth. The cloth is a dark blue median band with traditional zigzag patterns at the edges.

Alungtsu: Alungtsu is another traditional costume of Nagaland. The rich men wear the cloth Alungtsu. The costumes are the symbol of prosperity. They are yellow dyed with various flowers. The dress designs and patterns, and colours are made by the tribal people only.