Bihar Traditional Costumes

Bihar Traditional Costumes of Men and Women:

Bihar traditional costumes are very ancient. The state has a lot of ancient history and is the land of educational institutions in ancient times. The old Nalanda university attracted many students from all over the world. So with the long ancient history here, we can see the ancient tradition and culture. Here people give more value to the culture and tradition of their society. The hand-woven clad and beautiful designs have been thriving in Bihar. At present, rural people stick to wearing their traditional costumes and jewellery. In Bihar, most people live in rural areas and are not interested in wearing the newly advent modern costumes. Chhath Puja, the main festival in Bihar, celebrates it on a large scale. During the festival, the people of Bihar wear traditional dresses and pray to God.

Bihar Traditional Costumes of Men:

bihar traditional costumes

Men in Bihar also wear beautiful apparel during festivals and ceremonies. During social gatherings, the men wear unique costumes with many dignified colours and appearances. Generally, men wear Churidar, Pyjamas, and Kurtas on special occasions to impress the gatherers. The Sikhs, Christians and Muslim males spray luxurious fragrances on their cladding. The scent is also called ‘attar’. Some variety of ‘attar’ is also sprinkled on an everyday basis. The ornaments for men in Bihar have variety, especially in Patna and Gaya the milkmen wear Kundals called earrings. Some are interested in wearing copper bangles. In the present day, men prefer to wear bead necklaces. Women’s wear in Bihar.

Bihar Traditional Costumes of Women:

bihar traditional costumes

Bihar women are very eager to preserve their folk costumes, which are their traditional costumes. The dress colour and dresses are designed in their traditional way. Generally, married women wear the red coloured powder called Sindoor at parting hair area. The women prefer to wear Tikli, a beautiful ornament on the forehead. In all the rural and urban regions, women apply bindi on their foreheads. On special occasions, women wear eye makeup called Surma. The Surma is instrumental as an antimony and improves the appeal of the eyes. Bihari rural women traditionally use the Tatoo paintings on their hands and other body parts. Applying the Mehendi designs to the hands of women is a cultural activity in Bihar.

Ornaments of Bihar Women:

The women in Bihar are very fond of wearing the Ornaments. They are very stylish, and the designs are beautiful with complex structures. Women generally wear accessories are Panchlari, Sattari, Sikri and Tilri.