Famous Jain Temples in India

Jain Temples in India:

Gomateshwara Bahubali, Shravanabelagola:
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Gomateshwara Bahubali temple is very sacred and main Pilgrimage to the Jains. The temple located in Shravanabelagola. The statue of Gomateshwra is one of the largest standing statues in the world. The sculpture made with gigantic monolithic. The statue height is nearly 57 feet and carved from a single piece of rock.

Delhi Lal Mandir:

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The temple is one of the oldest Jain temples and is in old Delhi and dedicated Tirthankara, his name Parashvanath. The pilgrims and the tourists frequently visit the temple and best known Jain Temple in India and straight opposite to Red Fort in Delhi.

Ahmedabad, Hutheesing Temple:

Hutheesing Temple located in Ahmedabad. The temple is very famous in Gujarat state. Here the architecture made very astonishing to the spectators. Here the sculptures and the style of the carving on the walls of the temple makes very rich to the Temple atmosphere.

Dilwara Temple, Mount Abu:

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Dilwara Temple located in Mount Abu and one of the beautiful temples in India. The temple is famous for its marvellous architecture and the artists’ stone carving style. Every day many Jain devotees and the tourists visit this temple and pay tributes to the God here.

Rajasthan Ranakpur Temple:

Ranakpur Temple, the biggest Jain temple complexes of India and very famous and renowned Jain temple at Ranakpur. Here the temple dedicated to Tirthankara Adinatha. It is one of the Biggest temples in India.

Jharkhand Shikharji Temple:

jain templesShikharji Temple attracts the most Jain devotees. It located on Parasnath range in Jharkhand. Every year thousands of Jain devotees visit this temple and pay their tributes to Parasnath. Jains treat the temple and the location very sacred.

Taranga Ajitanath Temple:

Ajitanath Temple located at Taranga. Here the Lord Ajitanatha marble statue nearly 2.75 m tall and very sacred place to the Jains. Here the visitors are not only the Jain devotees but also the tourists.

Madya Pradesh Sonagiri Jain Temples:


The temple is very famous for Jain devotees and located at Sonagiri. The place is famous for several white Jain temples. These white Jain temples scattered around the Sonagiri peak. The devotees worship Lord Sheetalnath and Parsvanatha beautiful idols.

Pune Shantinath Jain Teerth:

Shantinath Jain Teerth located in Indapur in Pune district, Maharastra. Here the temple painted in Golden color, so the devotees called as Golden Jain temple. The temple is the home for Munisuvrata Bhagwan. The idol of Munisuvrata Bhagwan is nearly 27 feet tall.

Kolkotha Parshwanath Temple:

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Parshwanath Temple located in Kolkata. The temple has another name called as Calcutta Jain Temple and one of the major attractions to the tourists who visit Kolkata. The temple dedicated to Parshwanath and many Jain devotees visit this temple very frequently.

Sirohi Mirpur Jain Temple: 

Mirpur Jain Temple located in Sirohi, Rajasthan. The temple is one of the oldest Jain temples in India. Four Jain temples located in Sirohi but Mirpur Jain Temple is one of the old Jain temples among them.

Rajasthan Shri Mahavirji Jain Temple: 

Shri Mahavir Ji Temple located in Hindaun in Rajasthan. The temple attracts many Jain pilgrimages. It is also one of the major tourist spots in Rajasthan. The temple dedicated to Lord Mahavira.