Goa Traditional Costumes Show Unity among Cultures in India

Goa Traditional Costumes: 

goa traditional costumes

Goa traditional costumes are a mixture of various traditional costumes. People wear the clad according to its tropical climate. Generally, people prefer to wear cotton costumes. The weather conditions in Goa make people choose to wear costumes in the weather. During the winter season, most people wear woollen jackets. The traditional costumes of the Goa people are very similar to other states of South India. Generally, women wear a sari, which is called ‘Nav-Vari’. The saries are studded with precious stones and jewellery.

Other women Goa traditional costumes are ‘Pano Bhaju’. The costumes give extra brightness to the women, so Females show interest in wearing ‘Pano Bhaju.’
Valkal costumes are other attractive costumes; these are made with loincloths. The accessories are awe-inspiring. Especially tribes like Velip, Gauda, Zalmi, Dhangar and Kunbi prepare some ornaments to wear on special occasions, which celebrate their tribal festivals. Kashti is another costume made with Loincloth and worn with a blanket called Kunbi Pallo.

Tourists Costumes:

Generally, Goa is very famous for its panoramic beaches. Here the beaches are very famous all over the world. Million foreign and domestic tourists are influx into this city every year. We can see a wide variety of costumes from various places in India. Here the tourists wear the costumes according to their traditions. Here mostly the Goan Catholics mingle with tourists and wear their costumes too.

Goan Catholics, Goa Traditional Costumes:

goa traditional costumes

Goan Catholics follow the mixture of cultures of India and Portuguese. According to history Portuguese land their feet in Goa in 1510. There the native Indians adopted some cultural activities from the Portuguese people and mingled them with their traditions and culture. Perhaps they still follow their customs and the Hindu caste system. This bondage between Indo-Latin cultures became very famous, and the same mixed culture came into wearing the costumes.

Here Goan Catholic women wear dresses and gowns. Men wear western style costumes during their marriage. The bride wears a white gown. During the festival seasons, Goan Catholics wear unique costumes to add rich culture to their culture.

Goan Catholic women commonly wear dresses/gowns. These are some of the everyday attires for females. Men put on the bridegroom and suits of western style. The bride wears a virgin-white gown. Modern Goan Catholics usually held a White wedding. Costly outfits are purchased for the wedding day. During festivals like Easter, Good Friday, and Christmas, Goan Catholics wear unique clothing.