Terracotta Art The Ancient Art Form Of India

Terracotta art

Terrakota art is one of the most influential art forms in India. It has a long history and we can see the Terrakota art forms on several temples and the adjacent structures of the ancient period. Even the early Indus Valley citizens had also known about the terracotta art and also the Terrakota art objects found in the dwelling of Indus Valley Civilisation site. During the ancient period, the clay workers had brought many forms in this art work. In the ancient times, the stones are not readily available in Bengal. So the artists used the clay for the terracotta architect works. Mainly the artists used the alluvial soil of the lower Bengal Basin. The architect styles had been changed and the artists brought many varieties of art forms in Bengal.

Decoration purpose

The archaeological excavations at Paharpur and Mahasthangarh in Bengal indicate us that the terracotta tiles used for embellish temple facades. This art work sustained long before the advent of Sultans to India. The makers of Terracotta were also proficient in wood carving and constructing temples. At first, they carved the wood in many designs and peculiar curved shapes and prepare the wood blocks in various designs. Later the artists press the clay on the wood designs and make a number of pieces in their own designs. These designs used thoroughly in the temples to bring extra look for the viewers. At present this technic of work and designs have been using for interior and exterior decorations of buildings, shops and various constructions to bring an extra look to the constructions. The terracotta art depended on skilled and hard working so that the art of work is in progress.

Various Forms of Terracotta Art in India

The Terracotta Art is a part of Indian heritage and culture. It is an imaginary art skilled work and has been flourishing till today. The artisans imagine about an art form and bring into life in the clay. The Terracotta art works spread all over the world, especially Europe is famous for it. However Indian artists have been creating glazed pottery since thousands of years in India. Even the Indian artists are famous for making unglazed pottery items in the world. The artisans contributed a lot to live the Terracotta Art till now by transforming the art from one generation to other. At present the Indian artisans making the Terracotta items like statues, Diwali oil lamps, murals and decorative hanging bells. There is no a village in India without Terracotta artisans. So that India is famous for Terracotta Art.