Maharashtra Crafts, Rich Traditional Culture

Maharashtra Crafts:

Maharashtra crafts are famous for its variety of crafts. The state is the home for much creative artistic and follows many techniques to made variety of Crafts. The Maharashtra crafts were flourished during the period of Mughal Rulers, Marathas, and British. Maharashtra is famous for cave paintings such as Ajanta and Ellora paintings and now Warli paintings famous not only in India but also in the world. Aurangabad is famous for ancient crafts which are made with zinc and copper materials are famous articles at the present time also.

Maharashtra Crafts Paithani Saris:

maharashtra crafts

Paithani saris are very famous crafts in Maharashtra which have been weaving since 2000 years. Pure silk, zari and gold threads used to weave the saris. The saree is seemed very heavy and takes six months to one year to weave the saris. Pure gold threads also use to weave the Paithani Saris.

Maharashtra Crafts Sawantwadi:

Sawantwadi lacquer crafts are the large range of products. There are made with hand painting and lacquered furniture and light fitting. The crafts began around 17th century. These Lacquer ware are divided into three categories. First, one is turned lacquer ware, which is the applying colored lacquer on the articles. The second one is painting motifs and floral borders on the surface of the articles and the third one is the painting mythological figures on various surfaces.

Maharashtra Crafts Warli Paintings:

maharashtra crafts

Warli is a tribe in Thane district north of Mumbai, Maharashtra. Women folk of the Warli tribe practiced these paintings during the marriage rituals. This craft practice is a tradition to the tribe and used rice paste and straw for paintings on the walls of their huts. Mainly the women paint Palghat, the goddess of trees and plants. In modern time the young men also adopted the painting tradition and painting for decoration purposes in the houses and other decorative areas. Some are painting the Warli paintings on the papers and selling all over India.

Kolhapuri Chappals:

Kolhapur sandals or chappals are very famous and handmade leather sandals. The handmade chappals designs are very simple but the finish with great perfection. We can see these Chappals everywhere in India. They are famous in the world also. The costs of the Chappals are cheap and admirable.