Tamil Nadu Crafts, Creative Creation of Tamil People

Tamil Nadu Crafts:

Tamil Nadu crafts are very creative and attractive. Here the people bent their minds with tremendous creativity to create the ships. The arts are made with skill and add value. Here the main crafts are stone craft, pottery, paper, metalware, woodcraft and others. Tamil Nadu artists prepare their ships using their local sources.

tamil nadu crafts

Creating some crafts with waste paper is mind-blowing. First, they collect the waste paper and prepare the paper pulp. Later mix it with local clay and make it a very soft substance. With quiet importance, the artists made dolls, Gods, Goddesses and other articles. Then the pieces were dipped into a paper pulp solution and finally painted with watercolour.


Pottery is another traditional craft of the Tamil people. Especially painting yellow colour on black pottery is a main craft in Tamil Nadu. In the Arcot district, people made minor deities and toys with clay. This is the main occupation of many people in the Arcot district. In the same community, people prepare stylish crafts with clay: water jugs, dinner sets, flower vases, paper waits and decorative animals. People in every neighbourhood make artificial designs, which bring a lot of richness to the places where they decorate them. Tirunelveli district crafts are used with high technique, and the objects are beautiful. The things are made with red, black and grey clay, adding a shining effect with various colours at the finish.

Wood Craft:

Woodcraft is very famous in Tamil Nadu. Especially some places are famed due to these wood crafts. Nagercoil and Suchindram towns are renowned for wood carving, and the carving tradition has been transforming from generation to generation. Madhurai is very famous for Rosewood carvings. Mahabharata and Ramayana stories are also carved on the wood frames to decorate the houses.


Embroidery is another women’s craft work in the Nilgiri region, Tamil Nadu. The embroidery is called PUqar, which means flowers. The clothes are embroidered with floral motifs, human, bird and animal figures. These clothes are very famous and passionate people with their designs.

tamil nadu crafts

Tanjore Paintings:

Tanjore paintings are very famous; these are prepared in Tamil Nadu only. The Tanjore paintings contain only God and Goddesses and decorate in Temples.
The Bhawani durries are another famous Tamil Nadu craft woven in cotton and silk. The clothes contain only traditional designs.

Kanchipuram Saris:

Kanchipuram Saris is another famous craft in Tamil Nadu. The weaving of these sAris is very ancient, and some families in Tamil Nadu still follow these saris as their tradition. They believe that these Saris have descended from sage Markandeya. The Saris seem to have a contemporary look, and the weavers bring a variety of colours. These sarees are unique attractions on wedding occasions and festival celebrations.

tamil nadu crafts

Tamil Nadu Crafts Mats:

Mats in Tamil Nadu are famous not only in India but also in foreign countries. They are made with Korai grass, silk and cotton weft. These crafts are favourite in the Tirunelveli district. The Mats are a combination of red, green and black colours. The mats have great demand in the National and international markets.