Andhra Pradesh Folk Deities And The Villagers Faith

Andhra Pradesh Folk Deities:

Andhra Pradesh Folk Deities are numerous and the people, especially in villages, worship them with the utmost respect. Every state has their own folk deities. Andhra Pradesh is

andhra pradesh folk deities

famous for many Folk Deities. Here especially the village people worship their Folk Deities on special occasions and in their daily life. We can find a large number of village Deities in India. Some of the more common Goddesses are as follows.


Pochamma is the main Folk Goddess of Andhra Pradesh. In every village, a small shrine dedicated to her. This is common shrine like Lord Rama and God shiva temples. The Pochamma temple is a sacred shrine under a neem tree, the Deity is in the form of a stone. In the cities, the Temples built with beautiful Architecture and placed the stone idols inside the temples.
On special occasions, people go to the temple with Bonalu. In the temple no special priests to perform Pooja. People themselves pray according to their tradition and customs.


The villagers believe that she protects their cattle. Maisamma is seated at ‘Maisamma Goodu’, which is decorated with white wash and ‘Kumkuma’. In some places, people worship her as Goddess of water. They believe that Maisamma blesses her devotees flourish the crops with a lot of Grains.


She is well known as water Goddess. She is the main deity to fishermen. Before going into the see, the fishermen pray her to protect their lives and seek blessings. Many village people believe that she protect the Orphans and poor people also.


andhra pradesh folk deities

Yellamma has other well-known names are Polimeramma, Renuka, Mahankali, Jogamma and many other names. We can see the Shrines of Yellamma at every boundary of the villages. People believe that yellamma will not allow any disease or evil to enter the village.


Andhra Pradesh farmers keep a small stone in a corner of their fields and painted it with white color and treat it as their folk God. The farmers believe that Potharaju looks after their agricultural lands and crops, and protect them from dreadful diseases, thieves and animals. The farmers pray Potharaju when the crops harvested.

Katama Raju:

Shepherd and cowherd worship Katama Raju. They believe that the deity protects their cattle from various diseases and other evil impressions. Katama Raju fought against the Nellore kings for the grazing rights of the animal herders.