Tribal People of Andhra Pradesh

Tribes of Andhra Pradesh

The tribal people of Andhra Pradesh are very progressive in lives to compare with other tribes in India. Andhra Pradesh tribes developed economically and technologically.

They are better equipped and have youth organisations. Here the Government also taking preventive steps to control Malaria and has been concentrating on the tribal youth education and better communication. There are nearly twenty varieties of tribes living in Andhra Pradesh. They are living at forest based mountains of the East Godavari and Visakhapatnam districts. The tribes are speaking either Dravidian or Mundari dialects. Here we are giving some important tribes brief story.

The Savara Tribes

These Savara tribes inhabit in the districts of Visakha and Odisha. Their inhabited places are fully covered with lofty hills, darting mountain streams and deep gaping valleys the people have also great skills in irrigation and supply the water to every crop of their own. They are also good planners in constructing their houses and the aligned in parallel rows. Savara tribal people believe that they are the descendants of the Sabaras who referred Aita-reya Brahmana.

The Gadaba tribe

The Gadaba tribe is one of the tribal groups in Andhra Pradesh. They belonged to the Mundari dialect. They are inhabiting in the areas of Malkangiri, Pattangi and Koraput areas. Formally their main occupation is cultivation and hunting and fishing for their food supply. The Gadaba tribal women are skilled in weaving the cloth.
They are skilled in weaving bark fibre cloth on miniature looms, which manufacture in their own. They follow a tradition that a Gadaba girl who skilled in weaving the loom, she only qualify for the marriage. The Gadaba tribal women wear enormous wire rings and the ear ornaments which are very attractive.

The Koya Tribal People

The word Koya means ‘hill-dweller’. The Koya tribal people live in Godavari valley. This tribe has been changing itself according to the society. The Koyas choose different occupations like Carpentry, basket making, black smith and brass workers. However, the social workers have been trying to assist them to bring into the main stream of society. During the drought seasons the families depending on the tamarind seeds and palm juice for their economic sources.

The Konda Reddis Tribes

Konda Reddis tribe speaks the Telugu language. They live in the hilly regions accompanied with the Koya tribe. They are the rusting tribe. Still, they have noble qualities aristocratic past. Their lifestyle is very similar to the Koya tribe. Most of them are doing cultivation at the present time.