Gangotri Place for Heavenly Residence

Gangotri Hindu Pilgrimage:

Gangotri is one of the important sacred places for the Hindus. Here the pilgrims worship the holiest river, Ganga. The devotees worship the Ganges and start to the glacier, where Ganga begins. According to the Hindu Mythologies, Ganga is the daughter of Heave; due to the extended meditation of Bhagirath, this goddess Ganga came down to earth in the form of the river.

Gangotri in Hindu Mythology:

There is a story about forming the goddess Ganga as a river. Once there was a famous king Sagara who had 60,000 sons. Earlier, he performed ‘Tapasya’ for salvation. Then the Tapasya horse was stolen by someone. So the 60,000 sons started searching for their stolen horse. One day, they walked through a forest and saw a sage in deep meditation. The sons disturbed his meditation and asked him for their stolen horse. Then the disturbed sage got angry for the disturbance and cursed them to become ashes. The regretted princess begged for a solution to remove their sins. Then the sage said that only the touch of holy Ganga could make the men attain Heavenly residence.

Bagiratha Meditation for River Ganga:

After several years, Bagiratha, the great-grandson of King Sagar, knew his forefather’s story and wanted to give salvation to the cursed forefathers. So he started meditation for the Ganga river from heaven. He deeply meditated for many years; the appeased Lord Shiva allowed Ganga to flow on earth. The river Ganga flew on the ashes of Sagar’s 60,000 sons and removed their sins, and they attained Heavenly residence. Still, Hindu devotees believe that the Bhagirathi river cleans the sins when bathing in the river.

Gangotri and Other Attractive Places:

Other than the temple, there are many attractive places in Gangotri. Nandavan and Tapovan are 6 km away from Gangotri. From here, the view of Shivling peak is awe-inspiring. Kedartal is a beautiful lake situated only 18 km away from Gangotri. The travelling facilities are unavailable; those who want to visit this place should start on track to reach it. May, June, September, October and November are the best times to visit this place. Due to heavy snowfall and blizzards, it isn’t easy to get to this place in the winter.
Dehradun is the nearest airport, 226 km away from Gangotri. The nearest Rail station is Rishikesh.