Jama masjid, Place For Religious Spirituality

Jama Masjid:

Jama Masjid, one of the famous monuments in India. The Indian Muslim people follow the guidance of Jama Masjid Imam’s preaches and guidance. The masjid also known as Masjid-i-JahanNuma, which means the world reflecting Mosque. The Mosque located in the centre of Old Delhi, opposite just to the another famous Monument Red Fort. Thousands of visitors visit Jama Masjid every year and knowing the history of Jama Masjid.

jama masjid

Every year many tourists from domestic and abroad visiting this place and enjoying while looking at the beautiful Masjid and some felt astonish when they came to know the history and the beauty of the Masjid.

Shah Jahan Built Jama Masjid:

The great Mughal emperor Shah Jahan built many magnificent monuments and brought glory in culture and tradition to Mughal Dynasty. He also built this Jama Mosque. During his period the present Mosque known as the centre mosque of the Old Delhi. Shah Jahan wants to build a large and magnificent and well-known Mosque in India. About 5000 workers worked to complete this Mosque. Shah Jahan spares one million rupees for the construction of this biggest Mosque in those days. The Masjid also famous as Friday congregational mosque because a large number of Muslim devotees visit Mosque to offer Namaz. These offering Namaz are called Yaum al-juma. So this Masjid-i-Jahan Numa popularly called as Jama Masjid.

Architecture of Jama Masjid:

Mughals built this architecture with tremendous outlook. The architects used both Hindu and Mughal style of architecture. The Mughals used the minerates in their constructions. Jama Masjid has also two minerates at the height of 40 meters. These minerates made of pure red and white marble. There are totally four towers in the Masjid complex and three entry gates to enter into Mosque. There is a unique of the Mosque, that the mosque built on higher ground to compare with other constructions around it. The same style of another mosque was built by Shah Jahan’s son in Lahore. The ground and the pillars all constructed with the strong Red stone so Masjid stands for hundred of years. The Mosque is the great spiritual place in Old Delhi.