India Gate, Monument of Indian Soldiers

India Gate and Its History:

India Gate is a great construction in India. Delhi has thousands of historical monuments, which are attracting many tourists who visit India. The monument in Delhi, the Capital of India. The India Gate is the symbol of Indian history. It built on the banks of Yamuna river, in commemoration of more than 80000 Indian soldiers. who killed during world war I.

Architect of India Gate:

The memorial constructed at at the height of 42 meters. On the top of the Arch, we can see the letters of INDIA on both sides. The names of the 70,000 Indian soldiers who died in World War I names inscribed on the walls of the monument.

india gate

There is a domed bowl also arranged on the top of the Arch, which is filled always burning oil on special occasions. At first, the name of the monument was ‘All India War Memorial”. Later the name was changed as ‘India Gate’. Edwin Lutyens designed the construction of the India gate. The design of India Gate is as similar as French war memorial ‘The Au-di-Triomphe’.

Amar Jawan Jyothi:

We can see here the Amar Jawan Jyothi at the bottom of the memorial. It added after India got Independence. Here we can see an eternal flame which was lighted in commemoration of unknown soldiers who sacrifice their lives to serve the nation.

As a Tourist Place:

In the evening India Gate gives a magnificent look due to lighting arrangements around the monument. In the evening’s many visitors visit this place to swallow the pleasant atmosphere. There is also a park spread with green lawns, especially the children enjoy playing in the park with great joy. There is also a water fountain, the fresh breeze runs through the fountain water and make the surroundings very cool and pleasant. Many people visit this place in the evening to forget their hectic daily schedules and refresh themselves. We can have a good view of another monument Rashtrapathi Bhavan by standing at the base of the India Gate. Even in the daylight, we can see a splendid view around the India Gate.