Chapora Fort – History and Influence

Chapora Fort History

Chapora Fort is located on the banks of Chapora River, Goa. This is one of India’s oldest forts and played an essential role in Indian history. In 1510 AD, the Portuguese arrived in Goa and built a fort for their protection purpose. During the Mughal rule, Emperor Akbar wanted to capture the Fort to defy the Marathas, who had been struggled the Mughal Emperors for a long time to establish the new Maratha Kingdom under Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj. On the way, Akbar captured the Chapora Fort in 1683 AD. Then the Marathas captured the Fort from the Mughals. Again the Portuguese recovered the Fort from the Marathas and strengthened the defence for their defence and shelter for the people there.

The Fort has been changing its structure, and the present Fort was built to replace the older one in 1717 AD. The defence had changed hands up to the end of the 18th century. Later, no other ruler was interested in capturing the Fort for military significance. So the defence became a pleasant place for visitors, and the views from the protection made a beautiful landmark in everyone’s heart. From the top of the Chapora Fort, we can see fantastic views of the Arabian Sea, Chapora river, Pernem and other landscapes. In the evening, the sunset and the sun’s rays on the banks of the river and water are spectacular sights; one never forgets the view.

The architecture of Chapora Fort

The Fort was built to see all the directions clearly to see the enemies far from sight. The walls of the regiment were also made at higher slopes, which were difficult to climb and enter into the Fort. The entry gate is tiny, narrow and deep. On the top of all sides of the walls were covered with cannons to attack the enemies.
During the Portuguese occupation of the Fort, they built a church dedicated to St. Anthony and conducted prayers. However, the church lost its presence during the exchange of the defence in the hands of various Kings. Still, we can see some of the church’s stones and other church materials.

Legend Behind Chapora Fort

There is a legend about the conquering of the Fort by the Marathas. Once Sambhaji wanted to conquer the Fort to weak the Mughals in Westside. So he went to Goa to capture the Fort. However, the Fort’s walls are very sloped and unable to scale. So Sambhaji clings to the monitor lizards and quickly breaches the fort walls. Then the Portuguese general in charge looked at the miracle and impressed the Maratha’s adventure. So he surrendered before the Marathas without a single shed of blood. Still, thousands of tourists visit the Fort and enjoy looking at the surrounding landscapes.