Tourist Places in India, Horsley Hills

Horsley hills:

Horsley hills are the famous hill stations in India. They are in Madanapalli taluk of Chittoor District in Andhra Pradesh, India. The local people Yenugu Mallama Konda. According to local folklore, it got its name from a saintly old woman Mallama lived atop the hill and was fed by elephants. So the name came after her.

W.H. Horsley, a British civil servant who served as collector of Kadapa between 1863-1867. He built the first building on atop of the hills. Not this building is calling Forest Bungalow. To honour of him, it is calling Horsley hills.

These hills are situated at the altitude of 1265 metres from the sea level. The surroundings are covered with greenery and cooler climate. This climate made it attract the tourists.

This environment is very comfort to the Birds and most famous disappearing species can also we found here. The hill is famous for the red-throated flycatcher, Montagu’s harrier, blue headed rock and had the more wildlife.

The Rishivalley School founded by Indian Philosopher Jiddu Krishna Murthy is also located at the foot of the hills.

horsley hills

Horsley Hills holiday destination in India:

Environmental Park: There is an environmental park, which was built by Hyderabadi environmentalist Balijepalli Venkata Subbarao. This park is covered completely with coffee plants, a mini zoo, a crocodile enclosure, Lake Manasarovar. There is also a museum which has AV room where can we watch videos about wildlife.

Kalyani Tree:

Kalyani tree is another tourist place in India. You can see here an old eucalyptus tree named Kalyani. It was 148 years old, planted by W.H Horsly in 1859. The tree also awarded the Maha Vriksha Puraskar.

Mighty banyan Tree:

Thimmamma Marrimanu banyan tree located 75 kilometres away from Horsely hills. It is one of the world biggest trees and entered into the Guinness book in 1989. According to folklore Thimmamma a lady Jumped into the funeral pyre of her husband and transformed into with her husband. The houses a temple called Thimmamma samadhi. The temple is very popular.

Hill Rock:

It is called Gali Banda in the Telugu language. It is a cliff slope extends several thousand feet downwards. Walk to down from hill rock makes us very memorable event in the life.

Adventure sports arena:

This is another exciting activity. Here the activities are Zolbing, rappelling and trekking, Burma Bridge, earthquake, spider web, and horizontal ladder and so many events running.

There are other tourists places are view point, Rishivalley School

How to reach:

There are so many facilities to reach this place.

Buses: There are so many buses from Vijayawada and Hyderabad. Frequently we can catch the buses from Tirupathi another tourist place.

Train – So many trains to Tirupathi from all major Railway stations.