Eight Interesting Facts of India

Eight Interesting Facts about India:

India is famous for many things. India is a place for unity in diversity. Many interesting facts have been roaming around the country—eight exciting facts about India are mentioned below from many points.

Bollywood is not most Producing Indian Film: 

eight interesting facts of india

India is very famous for the film industry after Hollywood. There are more than 1100 movies realized every year. The Bollywood film industry is only producing not more than 200 films a year. The remaining films have been made in other regional languages. Most of the movies have been growing in Tamil and Telugu. Chennai and Hyderabad cities are the main major film-creating centres in India.

Once India was an Island:

eight interesting facts of india

Over 100 million years ago, India was a continent where the dinosaurs also roamed on this Earth. In those days, India was an island. And about 50 million years ago, the dinosaurs were the extent, and later, the youngest mountain range, the Himalayas, was created.

India is Multilingual: 

eight interesting facts of india

India has many languages and more linguistic diversity than any other country. There are probably more than 1000 languages in existence. In 1961 the national census informed there were 1652 languages in India, and some died in later years. The famous languages are Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, and Urdu.

Indian Deadly Roads:

eight interesting facts of india

In India, the roads are very worst and frequently cause to hit accidents—more road deaths are happening in India compared to any other country. The Indian government officially announced nearly 115,000 people met the deaths on Indian roads each year. But the number may be increased more.


Indian Mangoes Galore:

eight interesting facts of india

In the fruits, Mangoes are very famous and tasty. Most people on Earth are interested in eating them. Do you know India is the primary producer of mangoes in the world? The Mango is also the official National fruit of India. Summer is the best time to get more mangoes. There are wide varieties of Mangoes available. But among them, 30 types are very famous all over the world.

Kumbh Mela, the most significant gathering in the world, is also visible from space:
eight interesting facts of india

Kumbh Mela is a celebration of Hindu rituals. On the occasion of Kumbh Mela, most people gathered beside the river’s banksRiverd did sacred bathing in the RivRiverurprisingly, 75 million pilgrims assembled at the 2011 Kumbh Mela, and the gathering of the crowd was visible from space also.

Indian wettest inhabited place in the world:

eight interesting facts of inida

Most of us think India is a dry country, but the village Mawsynram, in the Khasi Hills, Meghalaya, is the wettest inhabited place in the world. Here Cherrapunji, a part of Meghalaya, held the highest rainfall in 1861. But now the record has been transferred to Mawsynram.

Diamonds were first mined in India:

eight interesting facts of india

In the present world, Diamonds are very precious stones to people. But India was the first country where people mined Diamonds. First, the Diamonds were found in Kolluru mines in Guntur centuries ago. Only Brazil found Diamonds in the 18th century. Until that, India was the only country in the world that produced Diamonds to the world.