The Importance of Reading

The Importance of Reading
Reading is not only an essential part of the lives of students but also in the lives of professionals. Reading widely made people improve their learning skills. The activity of reading is a vital part of schools and colleges. To improve reading skills, governments worldwide established libraries in every village. In India, during the freedom struggle, many prominent leaders found libraries to make people read well and vanish their dogmas from their minds.
Reading plays a vital role in the success of children. The children initially feel bored and have difficulty reading the books. So the elders should guide the child by providing amusing stories and never throwing overweight books. This creates a lack of interest in the students.
Support for Students
In the ancient period of India, the students carefully listened to the lessons of their masters and learned the education. When books were introduced, it became essential to read to dwelling knowledge. Learning to read is a process sequentially. In the beginning, the child listens to the basic sounds of the circumstances and decodes the words in the mind. Later they start reading the sentences and understand the meaning of words. After a few weeks of this practice, the child can read the sentences and understand the entire text passages.
To children, reading is challenging at the primary level of education, and they face problems in learning language skills. So the instruction at the beginning should be in their mother tongue is essential to overcome the above issues. The family members and the teachers should explain the words of the sentences to the children who have average skills in education. They also give meanings to every word to understand the lesson’s entire passage. Infuse the students to read the books by providing comic or picture-related storybooks. Made the students read the books daily without absence.