10 Lines on My Teacher

10 Lines on ‘My Teacher.’

A teacher guides the students to lay the path for their bright future. When we are at a very early age, our family members, especially the mother, play the role of teacher. When we join in the school, the Teacher only impacts the students to shape our thoughts in the right way. In the colleges, the lecturer shows us how society and how to interact with people. In Universities, the professor gives us complete knowledge in which we are interested. Only the Teacher can play the role of mother, coach, trainer, friend, guide, and so.

Here are ten lines from my Teacher that are very close to my heart

  1. The Teacher is the person who educates the students on various subjects like science, languages, culture and social studies.
  2. Teachers move ideal to the students as well as the society members.
  3. The Teacher shapes us how to mingle with the people and respect the elders.
  4. The Teacher works very hard and explains to us where we making mistakes. She/He advises us to correct the mistakes and make them never happen again.
  5. When I was in a disappointed state, my Teacher sat beside me and was infused to bring back the courage towards my goal.
  6. When I was lonely, she taught me how to overcome the hurdles in the way of making an effort and made me a successful person in life.
  7. My Favourite Teacher is Kusuma Kumari; she teaches me English. My Teacher has very talent for the subject, and her narration of O. Henry’s stories made me interested in literature.
  8. She always seems a very calm and hard-working attitude woman. She also helps me with how to draw pictures and use the colours in the painting.
  9. My Teacher is very helpful in completing my homework and tasks on time.
  10. I love the teaching profession. I want to become a teacher of my beloved Teacher Kusuma Kumari and try my best to contribute to the education sector.