The Famous Indian Languages

Indian Languages:

Indian languages

India is one of the ancient countries in the world and has rich tradition and culture. It is very famous for its Unity in Diversity. The vast country has many cultural activities according to its geographical diversities. In modern times the country also called as the continent. There are many Indian languages and more are very famous. Here different people living in different places so they created themselves their own languages. This is caused many languages spread through India. So we can see here many languages with different scriptures. Nearly 2500 languages are in existence in India, among them only a few languages accepted as national languages. The languages belong to different language families. They are Indo-Aryan (spoken by 70% Indians), Dravidian languages (spoken by 22% Indians), Austro-Asiatic languages and Tibeto-Burman linguistic languages. According to the Indian Constitution Hindi is the official language of India. Hindi is also the mother tongue of the major Indian population.

English language also very popular in India. It became an additional language of Indians. Now most of the arban people are speaking in English language. However Indian Constitution declared 22 regional languages as the national languages.

Assame The language is official language of Assam. The Language speaks nearly 60 percent population of Assam.
Bengali This is the West Bengal’s official language. At present the language is spoken by nearly 200 million people in West Bengal.
Bodo It is the language spoken by the Bodo people of Assam.
Dogri This is famous in Jammu and Kashmir and mainly spoken in Jammu region.
Gujarati It is the official language of Gujarat. 70 percent people in Gujrath speaks this language. This language popular in abroad also. 
Hindi THis is the national language of India. Almost everyone of India known this language and is written in a Devanagiri script.
Kannada THis is the official language of Karnataka and is spoken by 65 percent of the state’s population.
Kashmiri This is the official language of Kashmir, but only 55 percent of the state’s population speak Kashmiri.
Konkani This language is well known in the regions of Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka.
Maithili The language is mostly popular in some parts of Bihar and the Eastern Terai region of Nepal.
Malayalam The language is treated as the youngest language in the Dravidian family and the state language of Kerala.
Manipuri Manipuri is the official language of Manipur state.
Marathi This is the official language of Maharashtra. The language brought unity among the Maratha people.
Nepali The official language of Nepal, it is also spoken in some north eastern parts of India.
Oriya This is the official language of the State of Orissa.
Punjabi The official language of the State of Punjab. It is the form of Gurmukhi script, the language was created by Angad.
Sanskrit The language is very ancient and mother of many languages. But it has lost its glory in modern times. All the Indian ancient scripts were written in Sanskrit language. This language is mother of many languages.
Santhali Santha tribals of the Chota Nagpur Plateau, comprising the states of Bihar, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand and Orissa.
Sindhi The language is stretched into Northwest frontier of the Indian sub-continent and some other regions of Pakistan. 
Tamil THe language is very ancient and is spoken by 73 million people all over the world. The language is also belonged to the Dravidian family.
Telugu The language is the official language of Andhra Pradesh and very beautiful language in India.
Urud This is the state language of Jammu and Kashmir and is spoken by more than 28 million people in India. This language is written in the Persio-Arabic script and has many words from the Persian language.