Christian Wedding Ceremony A Holy Incident

Christian wedding Ceremony:

Christian wedding celebrates on a grand scale. They are generally conducted in a Church, which is a quiet and beautiful affair. The Christian community is also an integral part of Indian Society. The district follows their rituals and practices for Christian marriages. The Christian wedding follows the rituals like pre-wedding rituals, Wedding day rituals, and post-wedding rituals. According to the Bible, Christian Marriage is the union between a man and a woman. During the Christian marriage rituals bride and groom treat as one soul. There are so many groups in Christianity; they follow different opinions regarding their Christian wedding.


Christian Wedding Pre-Rituals:

In Pre Christian Wedding rituals, the engagement ceremony is the main ritual. After the engagement, all the family females gather at the Bride’s house and enjoy singing songs and dancing. During their enjoyment, they shower wedding gifts on the Bride. Then the Bride distributes the Pink cake, indicating that the Bride supposed the unmarried guests to get married next. In the same way, the Christian groom celebrates the Bachelor’s party with his male friends. In some places in India, the Christian Marriage follows the Hindu wedding culture, in which the family elders apply turmeric and sandalwood paste to the Bride and groom. In Goa, the couple used coconut and sandalwood paste.

Christian Wedding Bridal Shower:

According to Christian Marriage Customs, the bridal shower ritual is the most critical event. This marriage ritual celebrates in a fun way. The female friends of the Bride commemorate this. During this ceremony, friends and relatives present the gifts and bless her for blissful married life. After the ritual, traditionally, the Bride distributes the pink cake to all presenters. Who received the first piece of Pink cake? She will be the next to get married.

Bachelor’s Party:

The side of groom’s friends celebrates this. The groom’s friends host this party. Generally, this party is held on the eve of the Marriage or two days before the wedding day. The groom enjoys his last evening as a bachelor with his bachelor friends.

Christian Simple Wedding Vows:

On the wedding day, the relatives of both families gather at the Church and wait for the Bride’s arrival; the groom also remains at the Church gate for Bride. After she arrives, the elders of both families welcome them; the Best man of the groom presents her with a bouquet and welcomes her into the Church. Then the couple walks through the family members and friends and enters the Church.

christian-weddingThe Priest performs Marriage:

Then the Priest opens the Bible reading and explains the importance of Christian Marriage. Later he asks the bride and groom questions for their consent for the wedding. Then the couple expresses their willingness to get Marriage to each other. And make promises to stay throughout life through thick and thin. Now the Priest blessed them with two rings and asked the couple to interchange the Christian wedding rings. The two Christian wedding rings indicate to inject the love and faith between the couple. After the couple interchanged the Christian wedding rings, the Priest blessed them with bright family life. Later all the gatherings blessed them and presented wedding gifts.

Christian Wedding Ceremony:

Like the Hindu wedding, the Christian Wedding also follows the reception after the Marriage—the reception is conducted with the most vibrant and fulfilling occasion. At the time of the reception party, the couple welcomed the guests and enjoyed themselves with them by singing and dancing. After this, the couple cut the Christian wedding cake and fed each other. The couple offers a toast in honour of the guests. The music bands flow in high sound to infuse the gatherings to make fun.

With all the above rituals, the Marriage is complete.