Hatha Yoga Harmony of Body and Mind

Hatha Yoga:

Hatha Yoga is to ensure perfect health through physical and mental purification; such purification occurs by controlling the mind and body. When a man holds himself physically and mentally, he can bring harmony between body and mind. According to ancient Sanskrit texts, ‘Ha’ means ‘sun’; the sun shows positive energy, and ‘Tha’ means negative energy, symbolizing the moon. So Hatha Yoga means maintaining balanced energy between positive and negative points. The points will keep us in excellent health if we balance these positive and negative energies perfectly.

                    “The power of concentration is the greatest strength to awaken the mind and animate the body. When properly directed, it illuminates facts for us and brings the desired results.”

Practising Hatha Yoga:

Hatha-Yoga is the combination of three inseparable factors they are: Controlling the mind.

Control and regulation of breath, which means Pranayama and Asanas

These three factors are closely combined and influence humans to attain good health. If anyone of these things is diverted, each one loses its value. A man with a brilliant mind may appear in a sick, stunted body. And a magnificently developed body may often contain a feeble intelligence. If we want to break down these different qualities in a man and bring balance between the physical body and thoughts, the man needs to follow the three factors mentioned above.

If we want to live harmoniously, the body and mind should be developed in a balanced way by following Pranayama and the Asanas. Being aware of breathing brings the body and mind into harmony and thus creates the essential equilibrium required. Hatha-Yoga shows us how these three factors should be combined. If we didn’t follow these three factors in one way, Asanas and Pranay would have no effectama.

Ben fits of Practising Hatha Yoga:

We are performing the Asanas in collaboration with the mind and proper breathing; the effect will be immediate. A beneficial feeling will flow through the body. It will help us to animate and revitalize the whole organism may all be brought under the control of consciousness.

A combination of performing the Asanas and Pranayamas will promote the harmonious development of the body and bring spiritual progress. Regular practice of these things controls the mind and combats harmful elements such as ignorance, over-excitement and laziness, and increases willpower.


The Hatha-Yoga is unique; it shows us how to recuperate and store the most considerable amount of Prana; practising Hatha-Yoga distributes Prana equally throughout the whole body and ensures the proper functioning of all the systems of the organism. The asanas have been developed over the centuries. Practising Hatha Yoga is highly beneficial to health, preserves the body’s vital force, and distributes equally to all body parts. Practising daily is helpful to ensure agility, balance, endurance, great vitality and defence against illness.

When the mind and body work harmoniously together due to Yoga discipline, we can find calm and peace of mind at every moment.

                             “Mastery of the body and breath are an undoubted aid to those concerned with their spiritual evolution. For by having full control over the physical condition, the body becomes calm, allowing the mind to be directed inwardly more easily in perfect tranquillity, to achieve a higher spiritual level.”

                                                                                                -Hatha-Yoga Pradipika