Food of Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh Food

Uttar Pradesh is famous for its delicious dishes. Those dishes are very apt to the diversity of the geography. In different places, we can find other recipes. Samosa and Pakora are popular street foods; these dishes smell their presence all over India. Mughals influence cooking techniques. The Mughal methods are still used while preparing the dishes. The Mughal dynasty ruled Uttar Pradesh for Hundreds of years. So the Nawabs encouraged the master chefs to create culinary styles. Most of the dishes in Uttar Pradesh are flavoured with rich spices. The cooking style is not different to other North Indian words. Here are some words narrated below for you.

Bharwan Chicken Pasande
Bharwan Chicken is a popular dish, and it first took the Khoya cheese mixture and stuffed it into chicken breasts. They are now drizzled with coconut cashew sauce. Later, Cinnamon, ginger and cardamon were added to the mix. These give a rich taste to the dish.
Mutton Kofta
This is a compulsory dish in important and occasional events. People like it to serve their guests. The Mutton boiled at a high temperature and added spices mixture. This mixture came to a thick gravy, and the pieces of the Mutton observe the tasty sauce. Eating the Mutton Kofta with Basmati rice is very tasty.
Arhar Kidal
This is a special dish in every household in Uttar Pradesh. Non-vegetarians eat it at great appease. At first, Arhar Dal steamed and drizzled on a plateful of rice. This is a classic recipe; in Uttar Pradesh, everyone eats it at least once daily.
Kakori Kebab
This has been a famous dish since Mughal Dynasty. The name comes from Kakori village, which is situated outskirts of Lucknow. This is made with meat and spices. The word is delicious, and the density of herbs is very low. Children eat this very passionately. In Lucknow, every hotel serves this dish by adding dry fruits.
Bhindi Ka Salam
This dish is famous in the forts of the Mughal days. This is a Mughal cuisine, and the generations continued till now. Mirch Ka Salam and Lady figures are used for this dish. Fried at low heat and bhindi dipped in a Zingy Yogurt.
Aloo Rasedear
This is famous cuisine on the festival days. The preparation of the dish is straightforward and indulgent fare. This is a favourite food, and everyone loves to eat it. In the evenings, the families prepare this dish.
This dish is famous as flatbread in Uttar Pradesh. The bread is clubbed with Potato curry. This is a good combination for the delicious taste. This bread is made with whole Wheat flour.