Bengal Food – Mouth Watering Dishes

Bengal Food:

Bengal is the state of unique and distinct. In Indian history, the state has the peculiar place since hundreds of years. The Nawabs who ruled Bengal influenced a lot on making the dishes. So that Bengali food has rich flavoured and subtle items. The British also influenced the local cuisines with their traditional skills of food preparation. The Britishers introduced snack food, chops, and cutlets items. These items served in every household of Bengal. Bengal has a long coastal area so that fishermen caught the fishes in large scale. So every household and the taste of fish curry with rice. Generally, the fish dishes are the staple items to the Bengalies.

The state is surrounded by many big and famous rivers. So people could found here sweet water fishes. The famous koi, rohu, and pabda fishes available here abruptly. Around forty variety of fish dishes served in Bengal. Hilso is a famous fish, the taste and the silver colour of the fish are very attractive. On the special occasions brought these fishes and made special dishes. The vegetarian food items prepared with Brinjal, Lily roots, Potatoes, Plantains and other. The Bengal food items are the blend of sweet and spicy flavours.
Every household used the ‘Phoron’ in simple meals. The Phoron is the combination of five variations of spices. The curries made in mustard oil and add poppy seeds and turmeric. Another famous snack item is Luchi, this is a deep fried bread item made with wheat flour, sweetened Yogurt, and Jaggery.

Dimer Dhokkar Dalna and Lucchi:

To prepare this dish, first made the mixture of Potato, egg and spicy materials. Now kept this stuff between two bread slices and eat.

Bhapaa Aloo:

Steamed the Potatoes and cut slowly as pieces. Now tossed the slices into Panch Phoron, mustered oil and coconut paste and kept on the stove for few minutes on light heat.

Chingri Malai Curry:

Chingri is one type of prawns available in sweet water rivers in Bengal. First, clean the prawns and drop into hot spices mixed water. Then cooked for some time in high temperature. Now brought out the prawns and tossed into coconut milk and add rich flavours. This is a tasty dish in Bengal.

Sorsebata Ilish Mach:

Hilsa fish curry is famous as sorsebata Ilish Mach. The local famous cuisine.

Bengali Lamb Curry:

First marinated the Lamb with Yogurt and other flavours and cooked in mustard oil along with almonds and Castrol sugar.
Doi Maach:
Doi Maach is another fish curry. First made the fish as pieces and cooked in Yogurt along with mild spices. Used the mustard oil and kept on light heat. At the end of the dish add additional flavours to the curry to enrich the taste.
Baigun Bhajja:
Eggplants fried on Pan, at the end sizzle aromatic spices on the fried stuff. Combination of fried stuff with tangy tomato chutney add rich taste.
Chor Chori:
This is a purely vegetarian food. At first took the fresh vegetables like Brinjal, Cauliflower, Potatoes, and Pumpkin and cut off as slices and add with ‘Panch Phoron’. The combination tossed into light heated mustard oil and kept on light heat. After few minutes chor choir would be ready and add some flavoured spices at the end.