Gujarat Festivals – Rich Cultural and Lifestyle

Festivals of Gujarat:

Gujarat is famous for colourful festivals celebration. During the celebrations, people show the state’s vivid culture and trading. Generally, we can see Ghagra clad women perform the traditional dance to Garba tunes. The famous Gujarat festival celebrations are a feast to the spectators. Many Puranic incidents also take place in Gujarati’s land, although the festivals celebrated throughout India.

Rann Utsav:

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The festival has the significance of socio-cultural and religious aspirations of the Gujarati people. The fairs and festivals promote the unity and self-discipline. This festival celebrated in Kutch area and Gujarat. Many people from all over the world gathered here and sprinkled different colours over the barren lands of Kutch. On the full moon day white desert of Rann glorious brightly and gives a lot of joy to the gatherers. The traditional dances performed endlessly up to the dawn. The devotees paid their offering to the God and Goddess at the banks of the nearby lakes.

Kite Festival:

The kite festival celebrated on Makar Sankranti day. The different kinds of colours of the kites indicate the joy of life. The festival culminated the cultural strength among the people of Gujarat. The festival falls in January and the blue sky covered with the variety of colourful kites. The joy starts in the early morning and continues to Dusk. The scene is very exciting and enjoys the competition among the kites. According to the Hinduism, Uttarayan entered on this day. Uttarayana celebrated all over Gujarat.

Navaratri Festival:

Navaratri is a wide range of vibrant festival celebrated not only in Gujarat and all over India. The festival falls in the month of October every year. The festival celebrates nine full days and the devotees offered devotion to Goddess Durga and her another nine forms. They are also called Shakthi, the power killed demons. The Hindu Puranas informing that Goddess Parvathi took nine different form of Goddesses. The devotees follow the fasting for nine days and invite Goddess into their homes and perform ‘Pooja-Path’, the traditional ritual. The households prepare the different variety of dishes to offer Durga Mata. During this festival celebrations, the artists express the Gujarati culture through acoustic music and dance. The Hindus wear Gujarati traditional costumes and attend the celebrations.

Beach Festival:

This is the festival of fun and enthusiasm. The festival celebrates in the month of October at famous Tithal Beach, 4 k.m away from Valsad town. The beach is very scenic with white water flow and black sand. Many tourists visited this place on the festival day. The organisers conducted music, fun activities. Variety of special dishes also arranged for the visitors. In the evening colourful twinkling lights hanged to the plants and restaurants.

Dang Darbar Fair:

This is a major tribal festival held at Dang area in the month of March every year. The area is in the lush green forests near Satpura hills. During the festival, one can learn the culture and lifestyle of native tribal people. The chief of the tribe starts the festival and the tribes perform their cultural activities and perform their traditional dances. Kahalia and Tadpur are their ancient musical instruments, used during the festival celebrations.