Assam Traditional Costumes

Assam Traditional Costumes:

Assam traditional costumes have a long definitive history; the dresses of Assam are Silk Fiber or Muga and are very famous for their design and style. In Assam state, most women prefer the traditional costume ‘Muga’ or ‘Mekhela Chadar’. The beautiful designs used ‘Eri’ and ‘Paat’ to weave the cloth. ‘Eri’ is used to create winter clothing, particularly shawls and ‘Paat’ is used for ‘Mekhela Chadar’. Both dresses bring attraction to women.

assam traditional costumes

Especially the Silk saris of Assam are very popular and in demand in India. The saris have fine delicate designs and rich patterns made of fine woven. Embroideries are used to bring richness to the cloth. The state produces hub silk with several silks like Eri, White Pat and Golden Murga.

Assam traditional costumes, Muga Artists:

These artists are very experienced in creating unique dresses. They involve in experimenting new variety of designs. Generally, the traditional colours are green, red, yellow and blue, but these artists create greenish blue and pinkish red to create new scenarios on the clothes. These colourful fabrics are attractive, and one can be enthusiastic about wearing these dresses. The bridal wear these designed clothes by adding silver and golden threads, and the bride looks gorgeous on the wedding occasion.

Traditional Costumes of Assam Tribes:
Dimasa Tribe:

Dimasa tribe wear the traditional and cultural dress of household looms. The pattern and style designs are beautiful. Both women and men wear the skirt type of attire. Rigu is another variety of clothing; girls and women prefer this dress.

Bodo Tribe:
assam traditional costumes

The Bodo Tribe women used the Mekhla costume as their traditional dress. Generally, the Bodos live in greenery and hilly areas, so their costume designs and colours are similar to their location. They wear the upper wrap, known as Riha, worn with Chaddar. Men wear Dhoti and Chaddar.

Thai Phake Tribe:

The women of the Thai Phake Tribe used to wear the costume Chairchin, which has a beautiful striped girdle. The dresses seem stunning and light in colour and respect to the others. Women felt a passion for wearing these dresses, and the Young girls were also interested mining wearing these costumes in different sizes, known as Fafek. The Tribal men wear loin cloth with red and black stripes and a short shirt, known as Sho.

Mishing Tribe:

Assam traditional costumes, especially Women in this Tribe wear their traditional dress Sampa, which is famous in Assam. Married women wear an additional piece of cloth on their hips. They cover the body part with Galuk cloth. Hura is also another traditional costume of the Mishing Tribe. Men wear dhoti and white shirts, which are known as Kurta.

Rabhas Tribe:

These people’s traditional costumes are called Koum Kontong. The costumes are in bright colours. The colourful and stylish dresses are beautiful. The cloth covered like a shirt all across the waist. Women wear colourful blouses.