Andhra Pradesh Costumes Traditional Spirit

Andhra Pradesh costumes:

Andhra Pradesh costumes are very famous for cotton and silk textiles. They are very famous all over the world. Andhra Pradesh people developed the art of weaving, dying and printing in ancient times. Even Andhra region was the center of civilization. Hence the traditional weaving techniques have been developed over 3000 years ago.

andhra pradesh costumes

In India, the people choose the dresses according to their tradition. So that the Andhra Pradesh Women wear the traditional dresses are Sari and Blouse, and the men wear Dhoti and Kurta. Obviously, All communities of women wear saris and blouses. Some Muslim women also put on Salwar Kameez Dupatta. The men among Hindus and Christians wear a Dhoti and Kurta. But the Muslim men generally wear pyjamas and the Fez cap. Some of the tribes like Lambadi, Banjara and Sugalis wear their own style of dresses. Their use of dresses is suitable their geographical conditions and climate.

Andhra Pradesh costumes of Women:

Women in Andhra Pradesh prefer to wear original handloom saris. Due to the weaving style the saris texture and colors are very rich. Dharmavaram, Kanchi, Chirala, Mangalagiri, Venkatagiri towns have a worldwide reputation for their production of handlooms. Especially Dharmavaram products the gorgeous silk sarees, these saris are very suitable for the brides at their marriage ceremonies. Even the Gadwal saris are one of the most exclusive linen, and attractive, these are available all over the world. Andhra Pradesh costumes style of saris, Ikkat saris are very famous, which are weaving in Nalgonda district, Telangana. Puttapaka, Pochampalli villages are famous for these styles of sarees. Although Dying to the yarn is very creative and weaves the patterns and zigzag geometric structures are very famous all over the world. Mangalagiri saris are famous for theirproduction product. So Andhra Pradesh is very famous for the availability of a variety of costumes.

Kalamkari Fabric:

The Kalamkari fabric is another variety of clothes, the cloth is painted with mythological figures and epic stories. Hence the colors for these paintings are prepared with vegetables, these are natural colors. Kalamkari saris, Punjab dress tops, salwar kameez are very popular all over India. Still the Kalamkari art forms are prepared in Machilipatnam and Sri Kalahasti.

Tribal Costumes of Andhra Pradesh:

andhra pradesh costumes

Lambadies are a half nomadic tribal people in Andhra Pradesh and wear very colorful dresses. Their styles of dresses attract others. Their dresses are traditional folk dresses. The women wear gorgeous colorful and heavy garments, with a lot of mirrors and beads, studded on them. The colors of the dresses are red, orange and blue.

Modern Costumes of Andhra Pradesh:

The women in urban areas in Andhra Pradesh are very interesting to follow the fashionable life trend. They are wearing fashionable dresses, due to their working in International companies and trend in the society. Sophisticated women are wearing Salwar Khameez or trousers to work comfortably in the public. The Advent of western culture into Indian society causes a lot of impression on the Indian lifestyle.