Valmiki Adikavi of Hindu History

Valmiki Early Life:

Valmiki life history is very peculiar, we can see him as a robber in his early days and as a Sage in later years. He was the son of Sumali and born in a shudra family.

His birth name was Ratnakara. During his period everyone migrates to South India. So Sumali also took his son and wife to the banks of Vipara river, which was in the Northern part of India and settled there. Later he started his career as a robber and rob people before killing them. His source of money was robbing people who passed by him.

Valmiki Interaction with Narada Muni:

One day Narada Muni also fell into the hands of Ratnakara. Then Ratnakara started his world of robbing Narada. Then Narada questioned the robber Ratnakara that Why were you committing this sin? Ratnakara answered that this was only the way to know him how to earn money for his family. Then Narada asked him, then your family was part of this sin that he was committing? With this question, Ratnakara fell into confusing and want to ask the same question to his family members. So he tied Narada to a tree to make him stay until he was back. He went to his house and asked his children the same question of Narada. Then his children answered him not we were part of your sins. It was your duty to look after his family. Then he asked the same question to his wife. She also answered like his children. Then Ratnakara returned to Narada Muni and fell on his feet and asked him to get rid of his Sins. Narada told him to chant the name of Lord Rama and left from the spot. As soon, Ratnakara sat at the spot and started chanting and went into a deep penance. He chanted by sitting in the ant hill that he was called as Valmiki, which means one who sits in an anthill in Sanskrit. After a long penance, a divine light came upon him and released him from his all sins. After he became Valmiki, later he started writing about the life story of Lord Rama as Ramayana in Sanskrit.

Valmiki Ramayanam:


Valmiki wrote Ramayana with 24,000 verses in seven cantos. This is the story of Lord Rama, Sita, Lakshmana, the demon king of Lanka Ravana and many other precious characters. Every character of Ramayana implies morals and Valmiki succeeded to give the moral messages among the society through the Ramayana characters. Some historians said that Valmiki Ramayana is dated from 500 BC to 100 BC. But the estimate accurate date is impossible and Hindu religious people believe that Lord Rama lived 10000 years B.C.
Lord Rama had interaction with Valmiki during his period of exile. Then Valmiki decided to write about Lord Rama life story as Ramayana. Sita also spent her miserable days at his hermitage and gave birth to the twins Lava and Kusa. The twins brought up under the supervision of Valmiki and learned the life story of Rama. Once they went to Ayodhya during the Aswamedha Yaga congregation and sang the story of Rama at the palace of Rama.

First Sanskrit Slokas of Valmiki:

One day Valmiki was going to the Ganges for his daily bath with his disciple Bharadwaja. On their way, they came across the Tamasa Stream which cleared water and decided to bath there. While he was entering into the water he saw a crane couple mating. Valmiki felt very pleased on seeing the birds and suddenly an arrow hit the male bird. Then the male bird died on the spot and its mate also died with shock. With the sudden incident, Valmikiā€™s heart melted and looked around to find out who had shot the bird. There he saw a hunter with a bow and arrows. Then Valmiki got furious and open his lips. Then the first Sanskrit words came out from his mouth. Like that the first Sanskrit slokas formed in the Sanskrit language. So Valmiki is the first poet and named as Adi Kavi and Ramayana is the first Kavya.