Gangamma Jatara A Brief Narration

Gangamma Jatara Brief Narration:

Tirupati Gangamma Jatara is a famous religious temple carnival in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. The Festival is a famous annual festival of Tirupati and is celebrated on the 2nd Tuesday of May every year. Goddess Gangamma is Grama Devatha ( the goddess who looking after the village ). On the festival day, the devotees offer prayers to goddess Gangamma for her blessings on Tirupati and on their families.

History of Celebrating Gangamma Jatara:

Once the Palegondulu ruling Tirupati and its surrounding areas. The evil-minded rulers and harassment the women and use to rape them. Their harassment had no end. During this time goddess Gangamma was born in the same village and grew up as a beautiful woman. The Palegondulu heard the beauty of goddess Gangamma and wanted to harass her. But the goddess Gangamma tried to kill them with her supernatural powers. Then the feared Palegondulu escape from her and hid in a remote place, where one cannot find them. Goddess Gangamma searched for them to kill but not founded them. Then she planned to celebrate ‘Gangamma Jathara’ to Palegondulu out of hiding.
During the celebrations of Gangamma Jatara, the people wear Vichitra Veshadarana and curse Goddess Gangamma for seven days. Then the Palegondulu thought that the people were against Goddess Gangamma and came out of hiding place. As soon as he comes out from the hiding place, goddess Gangamma killed Palegondulu and made free the people from the harassments. Since then the folk festival has been celebrating as Gangamma Jatara. At present the temple is on the banks of Thathya Gunta, so the temple is famous for ‘Thathaya Gunta Gangamma Temple’.

Gangamma Jatara Celebrations:

On the first day of the Gangamma Jatara, the celebrations start by the temple priests tied ‘Vadibalu’ to the Viswaroopa Sthambam’ in front of the temple. Some selected men roamed through the old town by beating dappus and announce that the festival had begun and the residents should not leave the town till the festival is over. The priests kept the huge clay idol of the goddess Gangamma at the temple portico. During these seven days, the devotees pray goddess Gangamma and offer Pongal, Sarees, Turmeric and Kumkum. On the last day, the priests scattered the turmeric on the clay idol and smash it at the auspicious moment. The devotees get the clay smithereens and kept in Pooja room or mix in the water to save them from the sins. Like this Gangamma Jatara celebrates with great pomp.