Bihar Festivals – Colorful and Rich Culture

Bihar Festivals:

India is the place for the birth of many religious beliefs and faiths. Here, everyone has the freedom to follow their beliefs and customs. All the religious people in Bihar celebrate their festivals with joy and colourful. The people are eager to celebrate the festivals and implement the tradition and culture for the next generation. Friends and relatives come together on the festival day to strengthen the bondage among them. India has different regions, so different states celebrate some festivals differently. In Bihar, people celebrate festivals like Holi, Bhaiya Dooj, Durga Puja, Saraswati Puja, Chhath and other celebrations. Now some festivals are narrated below…

Chatth Puja

Chatth Puja is a famous celebrating festival in Bihar. This festival occurs after the sixth day of Diwali. This is an ancient Hindu festival dedicated to Sun God Surya. On the festival day, the devotees offer prayers to the Sun God for the cause of sustaining life on earth. During the day, the devotees observe a fast; after sunset, the devotees eat sweet dishes to complete the fast. On the final day before sunrise, devotees start puja at the river. Thousands of devotees attend the celebrations.

Sama Chakeva

The festival celebrates the winter season—especially this festival celebration held in Mithila. In the winter, the birds migrate to the plains from the Himalayas. The group of birds migrate to their native place. This fest shows the brother and sister relationship. On this day, the girls make an idol of birds and decorate them traditionally. Then welcome the first pair of birds named Sama and Chakeva and wish these birds to return in the next year.

Shravani Mela

This festival celebrates in Shravan month [ the month of July or August ]. This is the month-long festival celebrated in Deogarh and Sultanganj. The devotees wear Saffron-coloured clothes and bring water from the sacred ghats at Sultanganj. They walk along 108 km to Deogarh barefoot and bathe the Shiva Linga. Many devotees from all over the country attend this celebration.

Sonepur Cattle Fair

This festival was discussed in ancient mythologies and folklore. The Sonepur cattle fair is the largest in Asia. The fair conducts on the full moon day after Diwali in Kartik masa. The elephants, sheep, camels, birds and other varieties of cattle are bought and sold here. Various handicrafts and handloom stalls are put up here to deal with. Many magicians and folk dancers perform their skills at this cattle fair. Many tourists visit this place every year.

Makara Sankranti Mela

This festival is held with great pomp at Rajgir every year in January. The devotees worship the deities of Goddess Laxmi and other Gods with flowers and later dip into sacred rivers. At Mandar hills, people celebrate this festival with great pomp. According to legends, an Asura threatened the people and Gods. Then furious Lord Vishnu cut off the Asura’s head and kept the body under the Mandar Hill.

Pitrapaksha Mela

This Mela falls in September and is held every year. During the Mela, people all over India visit Gaya and perform the Shraddha ritual to appease their ancestors. This Shraddha ritual is performed by Magga Brahmans only. The Hindus believe that fulfilling this ritual saved their ancestors’ souls.

Rajgir Mahotsav

Rajgir is a famous ancient city associated with Jainism and Buddhism. It was the capital city of the Magadha Empire. Buddha and Mahavir spent most of their life in this city. The Bihar Tourism Department celebrates this festival yearly: the dancers, musicians, folk dancers, and other art forms performed during the celebrations.