Yoga Asanas-Viparitakarani

Viparitakarani-The inverted Poster:

Viparitakarani is another pose in Yoga. In this Yogic pose, the practice is lying on the back and inhaling as incomplete Yogic breathing. Now raise the legs and hips with the help of the arms, stay a few seconds, and then exhale the breath slowly, bend the arms, and hold the hips in the hands. Keep the legs at a 60 or 70 Degree angle with the ground. Stay in this position as long as you feel comfortable. Now gently lower the legs to the ground and keep them in a relaxed place.


During this Asana practice, one should consult the Instructor. High blood pressure people should take the suggestions from their Doctors.

Benefits of Practising Viparitakarani:

In this Asana practice, blood flows abundantly to the neck, throat and head. So that the thyroid and pituitary gland, plus the nervous centres of the Brain, are all regenerated. The pose also prevents the goitre’s problem.

Sarvangasana, another Yoga Pose:

Lie on the back and inhale completely. Yogic breathing, now raise the legs, hips, and trunk continuously until getting a vertical position. Raise the legs and hips, supporting the arms on the ground. Stay in this position for as long as it is comfortable.


Practice this Asana under the guidance of experts in Yoga. High blood pressure people should take the suggestions from the doctor.

Benefits of Practising Sarvangasana:

Practising this Asana is very useful for strengthening health. This Asana stimulates the functioning properly of the Thyroid gland. During this Asana practice, the thyroid receives abundant fresh blood, and the inner Organ is in perfect health. The Thyroid disorder completely disappears. Practising this Poster cleans the Ovary problems and ensures the good functioning of the sexual glands. The practice of this Asana increases the functioning of the nervous system. Blood also supplies adequately to the Brain.