Healthy Food for Stiff Body

Healthy Food for Stiff Body:

Healthy Food is a balanced diet with a combination of Protein, carbohydrates, fats, salts and minerals. The quality of Food absorbed should correspond to the needs of the body. The quality of Food supplies the required vitamins, proteins and minerals to the body cells with vital force in proper proportions. According to Medical science, eating accumulates in the form of fat. This fat overcovers the inside of the body, and it may cause you to feel sick.

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At first, man ate plants, roots, and fruits; later, with knowledge development, the next generations started to cultivate to provide agricultural produce. And the people who lived in cold and snow-bound regions ate fish and meat because they could not find anything else. But today people eat all varieties of Food and artificially prepared Food also. We always prefer to take fresh and clean Food and avoid greasy, fried Food, which is terrible for the liver. Raw foodstuffs, green salads, vegetables, fruits, milk, and honey are the best Food for a healthy body. A Certain amount of meat, fish, fruits and juices are excellent for health.

Three Factors in Diet Taking for Healthy Food:

There are three critical factors required for a balanced diet.
1. First, one should choose nourishing Food. Making judicious use of foodstuffs can increase body vitality.
2. One should take Food slightly less than one’s fill, then the body feels light, active and energetic. If we take more Food and artificial Food, it causes to deform the body, damages the health and reduces the efficiency of inter organs. These are all causes to shorten life span.
3. Thirdly, Food should be thoroughly masticated(chewed); this causes digestion free and the burden of the liver compressed to low risk. Each mouthful should be chewed for ten to fifteen minutes.

Maintain the Balanced habit of taking Healthy Food:
Healhy Food

While eating Food, we maintain peace and calm and eat slowly. It is perfect for your health. Everyone should spend a day without Food once a week or fortnight; this habit is ideal for health and will purify the body. Drinking fruit juice, especially lemon juice, with water is recommended on the fasting day.
Eating heavy Food should be avoided at the evening meal, especially before bed. Never eat Food without being hungry; we always remember that any overloading of the digestive system may lead to numerous illnesses. So, a well-balanced diet should keep the mind in a perfect state, and the body is flexible and increases immunity power.