Divisions in Food For Fitness

Food For Fitness:

Fitness for the body is most important. Taking an Ideal Diet is responsible for the development of mental, physical and spiritual capacity. Only food is the is the source of vitality. If we took not a proper diet, it causes to occur the disorders in the body. So we should aware of the properties of food, which we take in our daily life. According to Ayurveda and Yoga food was divided into three categories. They are Satvik(superior food), Rajasik(medium quality food) and Tamasik(inferior quality).


Satvik(superior quality) Foods for fitness:

The Satvik foods maintain the body’s health, give strength and vitality. The food is helpful to bring the balance among physical, mental and spiritual balance. So this food is treated as superior quality food. These foods are digested very easily and prevent the uric acid and other toxins to accumulate in the body. The diet is very helpful to strength the inner organs and lead to sustain for full life span. The satvik foods also very helpful to preserve the body and mind in peace and perfect function of the body.¬†The Satvik foods are fresh vegetables, green salads, milk, curd, fresh butter, almonds, dried fruits, hone and a small quantity of wheat flour.

Rajasik(medium quality) Foods for fitness:

At present, the people are following mostly the Rajasik foods, which mean medium quality food. The Rajasik foods are the combination of vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods. The medium quality foods are melted butter, sugar, sweets, fried foods, meat, fish, eggs etc.


The quality of these foods reduced when they cooked with oils. The fried, over-spicing and accompanied with sauces caused the food to lose its pure elements and other values destroyed and cause illness. When food is boiled the important elements contained in them are destroyed, so streaming is the best method to preserve the vital elements of the food and follow the possible small amount of food. The Rajasik(medium quality) foods are not suitable for the people who crossed 45 years and who are over 50, it is better to them completely avoid Rajasik food.

Tamasik(inferior quality) Food for fitness:

Tamasik Food(inferior quality): The food is contain unclean, rotten decomposed and dried up. This food effects on physical and mental balance and also force to fell ill.

Alkaline and Acid based Foods for fitness:

According to Ayurveda food is divided into two groups, they are alkaline and acid. One group produces predominately alkaline blood and the other predominately acid. Alkaline blood nourishes the nerve, glands, bones etc. It causes to maintain the body functions in a proper way and destroy the gems and protect the body from the diseases. The alkaline category foods are sweet and sour fruits, green vegetables, milk, curd, butter, and honey. The acid category food stuff are fish, meat, eggs, and rice. These foods are useful as the alkaline food.