Mangal Pandey, The Accidental Hero Of India

Mangal Pandey History

Mangal Pandey is one of the great freedom fighters and worked against the British rule during the Indian first freedom fight in 1857. He worked as a sepoy in the Bengal Native Infantry of the British East India Company. Although he played a vital role in the freedom fight during 1857 and attacked his British officers. The present Indians believe that he was an accidental hero of India.

mangal pandey

Mangal Pandey Early Life: 

He was born on 19th July 1827 in the middle-class family in Akbarpur in Uttar Pradesh. His father Divakar Pandey who had served as a peasant in a backward village. His family belonged to the orthodox Brahmin family. Entire the family members followed strictly the religious beliefs and practiced in daily life. He was very zealous careerist and want to join in Bengal Native Infantry for his bright future. After he joined as a sepoy in the regiment the situations turned quite opposite to his thoughts. The life of the sepoys under the British generals was very dirty one. Before he joined in the army, he had a great respect against the British. Whenever, he saw the ground realities made him understand, how the British making struggle the Indians. Especially the introduction of the P-53 Enfield Rifle and greased cartridges made him very furious. He believed that the British doing the things against at the beliefs of Hindu people. So Mangal Pandey decided to revolts against the British till his death.

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First Freedom Struggle

The Barrackpore Unrest was a joint venture from various regiments. During the joint venture, Mangal Pandey also a part of the 34th Native Infantry. On Sunday 29th March 1857, Mangal Pandey gathered his trusted other sepoys to revolt against the callousness of Lt. Wheeler of British East India Company. Then he also pivotal in inciting men from other parts of the country to unite and make the call success. But the promises were very slender and melted very soon. However, Mangal Pandey was very furious against the introducing of cartridges in the regiment, so he solely stands against the British. Then the imaged circumstances dried up and faced many threats from English rulers.

mangal pandeyCalcutta-Patna Conspiracy:

He first planned the Calcutta-Patna Conspiracy in gigantic proportions. The Conspiracy starts from Bengal and reaching the extremities of northern India. At first, Mangal Panday not interested in joining such activity but his boyhood friend Nakki Khan convinced him to join in the revolt. Then the both met several Zamindars from Bengal convinced them to support their conspiracy, like that the conspiracy turned as a huge one. Many men from Patna and other parts of Bihar gave their full support to Mangal Pandey. Other Maharajas like Baji Rao and Nana Sahib supported them for their revolt against the British. These subsequent scenes changed to increase the assistance to Pandey. Even, the supporters vow to support his task against the British.

Mangal Pandey Death

But the plans of Mangal Pandey ruined due to some reasons and Mangal Pandey and his rebellions condemned and he was put on trial. During the trial, the court declared him guilty and sentenced to death. Finally, on 8th April 1857, he hanged till death. His death inspired youths and all were turned against the British.