Ten rules for a successful life

10 Rules for Successful Life (Video)

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Always remember your Goal
Then only you are aware of what you are doing…
Never escape from the struggles.
If you fear the struggles, you never successfully fulfil your endeavour.
Always show your gratitude towards everything that you have
This made your life journey joyful with every movement
Love your Neighbours
Don’t hate the others. Cast, religion, and colour are not matters to show mercy. This makes you a unique person in society.
Share most time to read good books.
Good books are best friends. Books give you tremendous knowledge to make your inner senses very strong.
Don’t feel deep sorrow about the uncontrolled issues…
All the issues are not solvable by anyone. We are not exceptional in this.. so be cool.
Make good friends…
A friend in need, a friend, so make at least four good friends.
Travel a lot.
Travelling is the best sort to gain practical knowledge. It teaches you many lessons and makes you a good human being.
Stay away from Social media.
Social media is only a way to amuse others but not intense bondage between people. To reduce your time from social media and focus on offline relations.
Competition and Co-operation
Your soul is only the competition to you, not the others. So don’t compete with others and co-operate with everyone.