The Pisacha Kingdom

The Pisacha Kingdom:

Pisacha kingdom another ancient kingdom mentioned in ancient scriptures.  The Pisachas were a group of mountain dwellers lived in the mountains around the Kashmir Valley. These tribes were mainly mentioned in the Hindus holy book Mahabharata along with other exotic tribes. Kasmiras and Pisachas were fought in favour of Kuru king Duryodhana and also they worshiped Duryodhana as their God.

Pisacha Indian tribe and their Principles:

Pisachas were the tribal people. Pisachas were said to be divided into many classes. Some Pisachas kings were mentioned as a race from Rakshasas,Daityas and Nagas. One of the Pisacha kings is mentioned as one, among the Yakshas, who ruled under another wealthy Yaksha king Kubera. The Pisacha Indian tribe was very kind to compare with Rakshasas, they follow the principles which are formed by their ancestors. All Pisachas gave pride to Ghatotkacha, son of Bhima. Most of the Pisachas followed Ghatotkach’s jesters. In Ramayana also the Maharshi Valmiki mentioned about Pisachas, who worked in the army of Ravana. The same Pisachas were also a part of the army Kartikeya.

pisacha kingdom


Tribal people Pisachas’ adobe:

Pisachas were mentioned as inhabitants of the Khandava forest. There were lived on the banks of Saraswati River.Which is the holy river to Hindus, and at the present time the archaeological scientists are working to prove the presence of Saraswati River in the epic period. Pisachasas had immeasurable energy and they could fight in nights also.

They have equal lent powers of Yakshas and Rakshasas. They reside beyond the Imavat mountains is a plateau on which Rudra resides. Some other Pisachasas proceeded to the country of Uttara Kurus.

Pisachas In Kurukshetra War:

The Pisachas were very passionate to the Kaurava king Duryodhana. Some of their thoughts were also similar to Kauravas. So generally Pisacha army took part in the Kurukshetra War. Then Bhagavadatta was the ruler of Pragjyotisha and other hilly areas the Himalayas. He led the Pisacha army against the Pandavas. Bhagadatta firmly resolved on the fight, accompanied by his people and lead it against Satyaki, who is fighting on the side of Pandavas. And three thousand Pisacha archive men headed by Duryodhana. There were some Pisacha tribes on the side of Pandavas too.