Pataliputra Ancient City Famous For Political Affairs

Pataliputra ancient city, Destiny For Political Affairs:

Pataliputra ancient city is one of the most famous cities in old India. The present Patna is once Pataliputra. The city has many historical events. Probably the town contained 3,00,000 people. Pataliputra’s ancient city has been changing its name for 2000 years. They are Pataligram, kusumpur, Azimabed and Present day Patna.

pataliputra ancient city
Source: British Museum

The famous Greek traveller Megasthenes visited the city and described Pataliputra as the most fantastic city in ancient India. He said that a wooden wall surrounded Pataliputra city, and the wall had 570 towers and 64 gates. A deep trench was arranged beyond the wall to protect the city from the enemies. Finally, the city was constructed in the shape of a Parallelogram.
Pataliputra was famous for trading and exporting goods. Hence Pataliputra ancient city located on the Ganduk River, which flows from the city’s North side and merges with the Ganges. Son river enters into the Ganges from the South, So Pataliputra was noted as the best business trading place in ancient times.

Pataliputra Ancient City Attractions:

pataliputra ancient city

Patna has 2000 years of history; the famous Indian kings ruled Pataliputra’s ancient city and did some construction. The constructions are now in a ruined state. So the city has many tourist destinations. Here we can see the very famous Hanuman Mandir, every day many tourists and devotees visit this place. Another beautiful thing is Agam Kuan, dating back to 2300 years before king Ashoka’s rule.

Sikh Devotees also Visit This Place:

Sikh devotees consider this place sacred because Guru Govind Singh was born at Takht Shri Har Mandir Saheb in Patna. So Sikh people also visit this place as a pilgrimage. The Famous Phulwari Shareef Patna planetarium is also located in Patna. The Patna Museum exhibits ancient Bronze and stone sculptures, terracotta work by old artists, and collections of Hindu and Buddhist objects. A sizeable daily number of visitors visit the Museum and know the knowledge of ancient Pataliputra. Moin-Ul-Haque, the second-largest cricket ground also located in Patna. We can see here the British style of old buildings. The present Secretariat and clock tower are beautiful and give information about the architectural style of the British.

Pataliputra Ancient City Landmarks:

The old Begu Mosque and Pathanki Mosque are the ancient monuments in Patna. These two mosques were constructed by Mughal Emperor Shah, Jahan’s elder brothers. Qila house is also very famous for its display of artwork. Bahadur Radha Krishan collected these artworks from Eastern countries and China and spotted them in ‘Qila House’. The famous Sadaqat Ashram is also located on the banks of the River Ganges in Patna. Padriki Ki Haveli, the famous Botanical and Zoological Park, and the garden in Mughal style are other attractive places in Patna.